Display and Exhibition Solutions – A Guide


The most important element of you display and lays the foundation for a successful display or exhibition. Select a specialist Exhibition Graphic Designer or a Display Solutions provider who offers this service rather than a marketing generalist to make the most of your display. Using the correct materials will add to the durability and longevity of your display.

Storage and other services

Storing your display and ensuring that it is maintained in proper condition can be a problem for those with limited space. The best solution is to select a Display Solutions provider who will store your equipment at no cost or at a discounted rate. Find a provider who will give your display a maintenance check after every use and will transport your literature and other equipment to and from each venue. Look for a provider who can upsize you display easily using the same systems should the need arise.

Generally the purpose of exhibiting is to raise awareness or to increase sales. Getting things right can take significant effort and deflect you from the main purpose. However if you address the issues raised in this guide and select a Display Solutions provider who can offer a complete service to support your needs then you can be confident of success.

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