Disgruntled Customers Left Waiting At The End Of The Line, As Businesses Don’t Pick Up The Phone

Firms in the services industry are the least likely to answer a customer’s call, with manufacturing businesses the best at picking up

Disgruntled Customers Left Waiting At The End Of The Line, As Businesses Don’t Pick Up The Phone

33% of UK businesses don’t pick up the phone to potential customers, according to a report by Moneypenny.

The survey of over 300 small businesses revealed that 29% simply let the phone ring out while 71% leave the call go through to voicemail – despite the fact that 69% of callers don’t leave a message.

Just 33% of those surveyed use a tailored voicemail message referencing their business, with 13% making no reference to their business name at all.

When reviewing its call data of over 10,000 businesses, Moneypenny found that 19% of surveyed callers wouldn’t do business with a company based on first impressions from their phone call – with 31% feeling their call wasn’t valued.

When dived by sector, the services industry is cited as the most likely to leave the phone ring out, with 69% of respondents admitting they just don’t pick up. This was followed by construction (41%), retail (36%), and IT (34%).

Manufacturing businesses were most likely to answer with just 9% admitting they’d leave a customer waiting at the end of the line, followed by legal (15%) and financial firms (21%).

Businesses are advised to adopt a polite manner, a positive attitude, to talk clearly, and to listen when answering incoming calls.

When surveyed, business owners gave the follow comments about customer service and the importance of being at the other end of the line:

“When something goes wrong, 99% of the time it’s not what’s gone wrong, it’s how you deal with it afterwards. So if you don’t answer and they get an answerphone, they’re going to kick off.”

“I’ve got one client relationship where he swaps between us and a competitor down the road.  Whoever answers the phone first gets the job.”

“I know that I’ve missed big opportunities, because I’ll get a garbled voice message where they’re saying things like: ‘I’m really keen on using your product, this is my number’, but you can’t make it out, it’s the most frustrating thing!”

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