Different Types of Coaching Available via GrowthAccelerator

Find out more about the different areas of support available to help businesses just like yours achieve their rapid growth goals.

GrowthAcceleratorOne of the key features of the support available from GrowthAccelerator is that it is completely tailored to a business’ specific needs. However, their team of growth experts recognise that challenges facing businesses with high growth potential typically fall into three main areas. Coaching packages are built around these, so that companies can receive support with everything from securing investment, to becoming a better leader or manager.

The coaching ‘streams’ focus on the following four areas:

1) Business Development

Delivering business growth requires a coherent, robust business development and growth strategy. Even the very best companies can benefit from a fresh perspective provided by business development experts to help them on their journey, which is where GrowthAccelerator comes in. The Growth Coaches can also provide support to business leaders who have specific goals but need reassurance that they are on the right path to growth.

2) Commercialise Innovation

Innovation is a diverse and complex subject. In general, it influences the introduction of new products and services, the development of processes and business models and the understanding and protection of Intellectual Property or IP.

Revisiting business structures, supply chains and HR programmes are all a form of innovation and GrowthAccelerator has a host of Growth Coaches with in-depth understanding and expertise in this area. They help businesses commercialise innovation, leverage their Intellectual Property, and form partnerships with financial organisations to source advice and funding for innovation projects.

3) Access to Finance

Access to Finance is a hot topic for SMEs as it is often integral to business growth. GrowthAccelerator’s Coaches can not only help business leaders assess which route or type of finance would be the most suitable, but also how the business can ensure it presents itself as ‘investment ready’, with a robust business, plan, realistic projections and the necessary documentation to present a compelling case to lenders. Bank loans aren’t the only option available to businesses when it comes to accessing finance, so Growth Coaches work with companies to see what their needs are and through their established networks and connections are able to provide alternatives – such as angel investment or reworking current business cash flow.

4) Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management coaching underpins all other elements of the coaching programme. In crowded markets where competitive advantages are difficult to establish and maintain, the quality of leadership and management is vital if businesses are to grow rapidly. Business leaders can also be concerned about becoming too focused around the day-to-day running of a business, instead of taking a step back and looking at the long-term view of the direction the business is taking.

Businesses that sign up to GrowthAccelerator could also be eligible to apply for match-up funding for Leadership and Management training. Up to £2,000 per person is available, to access training designed to help owners and managers of high growth businesses build personal leadership skills.

A firm understanding in how leadership and management can boost a business can positively affect business growth by engaging a workforce to be motivated by understanding their business’ ambitions.

In supporting companies through what can be challenging phases in their development with a tailored package of support, Growth Managers and Coaches across the country draw upon their years of experience and networks to support ambitious businesses become best-positioned for future growth.

To find out more about the type of coaching that GrowthAccelerator provides, please visit: www.growthaccelerator.com/what-we-offer *

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