Delayed Start To Meetings Sees Businesses Fall Behind

12% of employees surveyed said they had lost out on a potential business opportunity due to a company meeting not starting on time

Delayed Start To Meetings Sees Businesses Fall Behind

Businesses are losing two working days a year by starting their weekly meetings late, according to a survey by Barco.

Their survey of 1,000 office workers revealed that 59% attend meetings “a few times a week” with meetings beginning, on average, six minutes late. This equates to 864 minutes lost each year, provided an employee attends four meetings per week

If a business employs 50 people, it’s calculated they will lose 950 hours every year – an important consideration for firms with billable hours.

When the cause of a delayed start was investigated, team members struggling with technology was cited as the main offender, with this accounting for 31% of all get-togethers that lacked punctuality – while 16% was due to adaptor problems.

Overall, the research also shows that the causes of the most meeting stress (87%) are technology related, with connecting to the meeting room technology, incompatibility issues, and technology failure some of the leading problems.

When quizzed about the actual long term consequences of a late-starting meeting, 93% said they experienced stress, 70% said speakers lost credibility, 24% said they missed a deadline, and 12% said they even lost out on business opportunities.

Lieven Bertier, head of product management at ClickShare Barco, said:

“Meetings should encourage participation, collaboration and engagement. However, what our research is showing is that time is being lost largely due to technology issues, which means the flow of meetings is affected, people aren’t necessarily able to present the content they need to and, as a result, collaboration and interactivity are badly affected. And it’s not just limited to the meeting. The research reveals a far wider impact.”

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