Death By Admin: 35% of Business Owners Waste Their Days Doing Paperwork

A lack of investment in IT was also found to play a ‘significant role’ in hindering productivity, a new study has revealed

Death By Admin: 35% of Business Owners Waste Their Days Doing Paperwork

35% of UK small business owners waste the majority of their day doing admin – neglecting more important issues such as customer service, according to new research by Immervox.

The Immervox UK Management Productivity study has revealed that nearly 25% of all small employers feel that planning for the future is the most important task they could be getting up to, but just 17% spend their time doing such.

It’s suggested that business owners overloading themselves with paperwork is causing serious strains on their company’s performance, as 21% spend most of their time ‘resolving issues’ with less than 10% ensuring their customer service is up to scratch.

When it comes to productivity, 25% feel disorganisation prevents the business from growing, followed by too much admin (18.18%), poor internal communication (15.58%) and slow internet (12.99%) – implying a lack of investment in IT is a significant problem for smaller enterprises.

To combat these issues, businesses should consider hiring freelance or temp staff to take care of more menial work, and also ensure their IT systems are sufficiently updated.

Tom Brooks, marketing manager at Immervox, said:

“With everything from internal communications, administration, and customer service being run through IT systems in business today, too often we see a lack of investment in the correct systems and innovation, which ultimately is hindering growth”

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