Crystal Clear Business Calls with HD Voice

The BBC reported that “Orange has become the first UK network to use a technology that offers higher quality voice calls”, while The Times predicted that “The era of the crackly mobile phone call may be nearing an end” and Duncan Bell from gadget magazine T3 said “Orange’s HD voice is the first major step forward in a decade for the forgotten art of voice calling.” So what is all the fuss about?

Orange HD VoiceHeralded as a new era in mobile communications, HD Voice is, quite simply, the biggest advance in voice calls in 20 years – and Orange is at the forefront of developments that will ensure your phone calls are crystal clear.

Without getting too technical, HD Voice is now possible because of both the huge growth in superfast networks and a doubling of the bandwidth over which calls are transmitted. This means they sound clearer and much more realistic – almost as if the person you are talking to is in the same room.

Business Benefits

As well as providing call clarity befitting the 21st century, HD Voice will give your business a cutting edge when it comes to communication. Research by Orange showed that 75% of business owners believe clear call quality is the most important aspect of their mobile. But 33% said they often struggled to hold phone conversations because of the noisy environment in which they work.

Almost one in five even admitted they had lost a deal because of a misunderstanding over the phone, which came about because they couldn’t hear what was being said.

An HD Voice phone is the perfect solution, and particularly for businesses that have significant background noise, such as construction and manufacturing, as Robert Ayres, of Raycox Turf, can attest.

“Having trialled HD Voice, I was impressed by the difference it made,” he said. “I didn’t have to worry about being in a quiet space.”

HD Voice also allows you to hear the emotion in a person’s voice more clearly, which – according to the Orange survey – is considered crucial by 80% of business owners when they’re dealing with clients or suppliers. The clarity of speech achieved with HD Voice also makes it easier to listen to long calls and teleconferences, and makes it simpler to work out who is saying what.

Call systems that rely on voice recognition will also be simpler for customers to use, while transcribing business calls, or using speech-to-text software, will be a cinch.

Martin Stiven, VP of Business at Everything Everywhere, the company that runs Orange, said:

“HD Voice is going to change the way businesses communicate. We’re all about bringing people closer together and HD Voice does that, making colleagues feel as if they’re speaking face to face.”

What You Will Need

To make the most of the new technology, Nokia E5 with Orange HD Voiceyou and the person you call will need an HD Voice-compatible handset and a network capable of handling the new bandwidth. Orange is busy turning this vision into reality and is working closely with handset manufacturers to ensure compatible devices, such as the Nokia E5 (see right), are available.

The Nokia E5 is the perfect phone to offer HD Voice as it’s designed to make all your business communications easier thanks to Office Communicator and one-click access to texts, photo messages, email and Instant Messenger. And its Quick Office Suite even allows you to edit office documents when you’re on the move. So, for clearer business connections, say hello to HD Voice.

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