Corporate Events: Guide to Effective Corporate Events

A Step-By-Step Guide with Hints and Tips


The term “Event” covers a host of activities but for this guide it refers to:

  • exhibitions and conventions
  • conferences and seminars
  • seasonal parties
  • annual dinner and dances
  • post AGM celebration for shareholders
  • client entertainment.

Why undertake an event? The prime reasons for any corporation to participate are to:

  • thank your project team for a fine achievement
  • celebrate gaining a significant client account
  • improve relationships with existing clients
  • develop relationships with new / prospective clients
  • raise the company profile / image
  • thank customers for their business
  • educate and / or inform
  • launch a new product or service.

Events offer direct exposure to your target audience. Whatever the event, it should reflect your corporation’s qualities as a professional, reliable, and innovative organisation, and more importantly should leave clients with a favourable image of the company. Events should therefore be high quality, creative, and well planned and executed. And, of course, the longer the period over which the guests discuss the event, the better – it’s all publicity!

The aim of this guide is therefore to assist those involved in events with the planning, implementation and delivery of effective events. The guide cannot cover all elements of events organisation, but covers the main procedures to be implemented in most organisations. It goes on to identify procedures that are generic to all corporate events and should be adhered to at all times. Also remember that the events manager and / or your local PR representative are available for help and advice at any time.

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