Copyright Contacts

Identified below are some of the main organisations who have an interest in copyright and may be useful if you are a creator, copyright owner or a user of copyright protected works.

You may want to involve others to help exploit, develop or market your copyright. We do not give direct advice on this, but help is available from a number of organisations. These contacts are provided for your convenience. Inclusion here does not imply any warranty by the Government for the reliability, quality or effectiveness of any products or services provided by these organisations, or any endorsement of the views, information or products. This list of useful contacts is not intended to be exhaustive but can help identify some organisations that may be able to offer more assistance.

Copyright Advisory Bodies

These organisations are advisory bodies for owners, creators or performers of copyright works or to Government.

Business Advice Groups

These groups provide assistance and advice to businesses across the UK.

Collecting Societies

If you are an author or an owner of work who wishes to manage the use of your work or an organisation or an individual who wishes to get a licence to use works you can contact the agencies below.

General Copyright Contacts

IPO – Intellectual Property Office
UKPATLIB – UK Patent Libraries
Watch File – A database of copyright contacts for writers, artists and other prominent figures in creative fields
WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organisation
UKIE – The Association for UK Interactive entertainment
Trading Standards Institute

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