Consumers Don’t Have Time For Slow Service, As Retailers Urged To Adopt ‘Omnichannel Experience’

Time-poor shoppers will ignore businesses if they’re too crowded, have too many queues, or long waiting times for fitting rooms

Consumers Don’t Have Time For Slow Service, As Retailers Urged To Adopt ‘Omnichannel Experience’

UK retailers are being advised to adopt an ‘omnichannel experience’ in store, or risk losing custom during the festive period, according to a report by Barclaycard.

Their survey of 2,000 UK consumers revealed that 63% admitted to abandoning a purchase due to becoming too frustrated, suggesting business owners need to improve their customer experience or risk reduced trade.

While 50% of respondents still prefer to buy clothes in-store, time-poor shoppers are turning their attention to e-commerce – with 37% choosing to shop online due to shorter waiting times.

When asked about their biggest irritations, disgruntled consumers further revealed they’ll ignore shops if they’re too crowded (45%), have too many queues at the checkout (42%), or long waiting times for fitting rooms (29%).

Retailers still guilty of offering an outdated service are advised to adopt in-store touch screens to showcase available stock, include ‘digital changing rooms’ which allow shoppers try on items using VR, or allow consumers can scan and automatically pay for items.

Sharon Manikon, director of customer solutions at Barclaycard, said:

“Our research shows that consumers no longer want to have to choose between buying online or in-store. Instead time-pressed shoppers crave a personal experience that allows them to take advantage of technology and a high street presence, brought together seamlessly in a way that works best for them.

“To drive sales in an increasingly competitive environment, retailers need to focus on aligning their digital and high street offerings so that they complement each other. By using technology such as payment apps to reduce queues and virtual reality tools that allow shoppers to visualise themselves wearing items of clothing, retailers can lay the foundations to survive and thrive during the busy upcoming festive period and well into the future.”

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