Commercial Property: 5 Ways to Improve Security

How small and medium enterprises can safeguard their business premises against burglary

Commercial Property: 5 Ways to Improve Security

The harsh reality in business is that all organisations big or small are at risk from criminals. Thieves are becoming ever more sophisticated when it comes to burglary techniques and it is therefore important that businesses become savvier and protect their investment and its contents at all times.

There are a number of ways in which business owners can improve the security of their commercial property. Instead of asking your local police station for crime prevention tips of their own why not be proactive and consider the following five tips to keep criminals at bay today.


Installing closed circuit television (CCTV) at your business premises may be an expensive initial outlay but it can subsequently help tackle crime in two ways. It can act as an obvious deterrent to criminals and it can also increase your chances of catching any culprits in the event you are burgled.

Outdoor lighting

You would be surprised at the effect outdoor lighting can have on reducing crime in and around commercial property. Particularly at night time, premises which are well lit and visible to passers-by will be far less attractive to criminals as they have a more awkward getaway.

Anti-climb fencing

If your business is of a significant size that it requires a fence or wall around its perimeter you may consider installing anti-climb systems that are extremely effective at thwarting introducers. Not only that, you don’t have to lose sleep about an injured intruder taking legal action against you!

Property identification

To guard against the theft of valuable contents within your premises you it is important to have a property identification system within your business. This ensures the make, model and serial numbers of expensive electrical items are recorded and marked with a pen or laser that is etched and invisible to the naked eye but easily recorded and tracked by the authorities.

Key card access

Security in the workplace is of paramount importance in order to help employees and customers feel safe on a day-to-day basis. Implementing a key card access system to your exterior doors is an effective way of ensuring only employees and authorised personnel can gain access to the premises. This can also work with a simple key pad code as long as the code is distributed strictly within the team.

Don’t wait until something major happens; act now and improve your business security today and protect your investment.

This article was written by David Campbell from Pall Mall Estates

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