Checking your Business Bank Charges are Correct

What to do if you think you have been overcharged

  • Explain your concerns to your bank manager in writing as soon as you discover something may be wrong
  • Ask for a written explanation of how the figure was calculated
  • If you are dissatisfied with the reply, ask to speak to someone at the bank
  • Don’t be intimidated! Remember your bank will consider its own priorities before yours. Don’t be afraid to challenge your bank manager if you believe there is a mistake.
  • Ask your bank about its internal complaint procedures if you feel a formal complaint is necessary
  • If there has been no error but you think charges are too high, you may wish to consider switching to an alternative service or moving to another bank
  • If you suspect that errors have been made, but are unsure, the Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) will investigate your accounts to establish whether a full audit is necessary. They do not charge for the initial investigation. Visit their website on
  • To help you negotiate a refund of charges with your bank you may enlist the services of a specialist banking auditor, who will charge a fee plus a percentage of any amount recovered.
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