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is4profit is pleased to offer a number of products and services to help your small business prosper. From website design and promotion, telephone legal services and cheaper gas, electric and phone bills to our network consultancy, there are products for every SME that will help them achieve greater profits. Read on…

Telesales & TeleMarketing Services

Teamline : Telesales & Telemarketing

A strong telemarketing team is an asset to every company. However, the associated costs of possessing one; management costs, induction and training programmes, office and equipment requirements and, of course, incentives and commissions often make them too expensive to employ and manage. Even when companies possess in-house sales and marketing expertise, at some point, this resource inevitably becomes stretched as sales or marketing projects begin to outstrip internal resources. By engaging the services of a professional and successful telemarketing team your business can start benefiting from desired marketing activities immediately. Of course, this option also provides you with flexibility – the flexibility to run your marketing campaigns when desired and the freedom to focus atten... »

SR Translations

SR Translations provides a comprehensive translation service in over 60 languages with more than 1000 professionally qualified mother-tongue translations on our approved register, enabling the Company to undertake several multi-language assignments simultaneously. The services of partner companies in principal EU Member States have been secured to complement translation skills available in this country. Our partnership agreements provide access to skilled professional translators in mainland Europe when sources available in the country are insufficient or to provide translation for assignments that do not involve English. Main Languages All European Union languages All Eastern European languages Major Far Eastern languages …and many more Main Subjects Legal & Tender documents Com... »

Online Advertising

Overture puts your company top Appear in the search results listings of the leading search engines in the UK. Overture provides search results to Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Wanadoo, Lycos and Tiscali, which means you can reach 88%* of UK Internet users. Overture drives targeted leads straight to your company’s website. We guarantee prominent positions on the results pages, so your products and services can appear in front of customers expressly searching for what you sell. Overture is the most cost effective way to advertise your business online because you only pay for the customers who actually visit your website. You can get your company name into these listings by bidding on keywords that are relevant to your products and services. This means that when a consumer searches on that keyword,... »

Foreign Exchange in association with Online FX

Online FX

We provide business travellers and holidaymakers throughout the UK with Foreign Currencies and Traveller’s Cheques. Our service offers unbeatable rates as well as zero commission and your travel money will be safely delivered by the next working day. [click here to order now]     Use our Currency Converter to work out how much foreign currency you will receive for your pounds sterling from Online FX.     Our international money transfer service provides a simple, secure and speedy method to transfer funds to and from the UK for both personal and business needs. [click here for more info] »

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Marketing File

Direct marketing (particularly direct mail and telemarketing) is the most cost-effective way to find new customers. The key to a successful campaign is a highly targeted list of prospects. enables you to choose from over 100 of the leading business and consumer lists, make highly targeted selections and download your list without any minimum order quantities. Click the link below to buy direct marketing lists and see your business grow! Create your own list The site is straight forward and easy to use. First select the list most suited to your campaign. Compile your list by choosing the geographic area, age, sex, income, interests etc for consumer records and location, size, type of business, job title etc for business contacts. The site will automatical... »

ISO 9001 – the quality certification

Increasingly organisations ranging from start up dot.coms to well established manufacturing organisations are recognising the benefits that an effectively implemented quality management system (QMS) can bring. In addition, a QMS that is certified by an independent, accredited third party assessment body to the international quality management system standard, ISO 9001 gives clear demonstration of an organisation’s commitment in consistently providing a product or service that meets customer needs. ISO 9001 involves an ongoing, systematic evaluation of a QMS, together with an internationally recognised certification that confirms to customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees that the management systems conform to world standards. ISO 9001:2000 A revised version of the QMS standa... »


euroffice is an online provider of products and services focusing on the needs of the small-to-mid sized European businesses. Three entrepreneurs founded euroffice in London in October 1999. Their business vision was inspired by the challenges they experienced running small-to-mid sized businesses in Europe and internationally. Large Corporations are able to rely on their purchasing clout to secure low prices and a high level of service. They also dedicate significant resources to managing the purchasing process. In contrast, smaller businesses do not have this luxury. They must commit their energies to running their primary business. euroffice is dedicated to becoming an extension of your business. It will aggregate the purchasing power of many small businesses, while at the same time pro... »

Advertising with is4profit

Highly Targeted & Cost-effective Campaigns is a long established and leading niche UK SME/Small Business site which offers qualitative and relevant information and advice for directors. managers and influencers from the SME/Small Business sector Launched in 2001 Market Position A leading niche, independent UK SME/Small Business website Key Marketing Strategies Provide clear, jargon free and unpatronising information and advice for UK SME/Small Businesses Positioning/differentiation Niche, independent resource focusing on UK SME/Small Businesses No waste in targeting SME/Small Business sector Differentiates from Mass Media publishers Audience Relevance Users of are owners, directors, managers and influencers from the difficult to reach SME/Small... »

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