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is4profit is pleased to offer a number of products and services to help your small business prosper. From website design and promotion, telephone legal services and cheaper gas, electric and phone bills to our network consultancy, there are products for every SME that will help them achieve greater profits. Read on…

Pager Company in Costa Rica uses Mobile Printers

Mobile printer survives being run over! San Jose, Costa Rica Hans Kuhlmann of Hyco Sistemas, San Jose, Costa Rica tells of how durable mobile printers are. The company provides pager services in Costa Rica. The company employs motorcyclists who ride around San Jose collecting payments from some of its customers. These riders use a touch screen terminal and a mobile printer. Recently, one of the mobile printers was dropped from a moving motorcycle and hit the pavement. While on the street, as luck would have it, a car ran over the printer! Although there was a little damage, the printer was put back together easily without replacing any electronic parts, and it worked perfectly! That is durability! Published by Maxatec Europe – Read the original article on the Maxatec website Email: i... »

Air Cargo and Baggage POS Labelling Systems

Cognitive provides printing solutions that enable manufacturing operations, product distribution and inventory management to be faster, more efficient and more cost-effective than ever. From time-definite transportation operations to manufacturing, industrial, retail and government customers, Cognitive printing solutions fit the bill. Some time ago, a cargo plane crashed in Los Angeles. The cause of the crash, it was quickly discovered, was due to a series of miscalculations concerning the weight of the cargo crates loaded on the plane. The load was unbalanced and the plane could not take off correctly, and plunged to the earth minutes after take-off. Previously, air cargo containers were put on a scale and the weight was written by hand on the outside of the can. Sloppy handwriting may ha... »

Bar Code Label Printer Solution for Paint Retailer

Buying paint used to be the first difficult step in painting a new room or home. Even after you’ve decided on the colour to buy, inevitably you need to buy more paint to match that colour. Now one major hardware chain makes it easy to buy cans of paint using barcode label printers. With every can of paint mixed, an Ethernet-enabled printer prints a barcode label containing information about the pigment mixture used for that paint colour. To match a previous colour, a customer brings the paint can lid back to the store. The paint department scans the barcode label on the lid, and a terminal displays the paint mixture for a perfect colour match. Reliable Performance "The customer needed reliable performance in a warehouse environment, and the Blaster Advantage was up to the task.&... »

Portable Printing Applications

With the explosion of portable information devices and the increasing use of wireless technology, more companies are connecting their frontline workers to complete transactions at the point-of-sale or point-of-service. As an example, retail store clerks can scan bar codes and check pricing or reduce check-out lines at peak times. Credit card payment helps close the total transaction much closer to the customers’ point-of-decision. This brings a new meaning to printing at point-of-service, requiring the retailer or food service provider to recognize that the server not the customer needs to be mobile. The transaction, including payment, can be completed anywhere in a store for example or right at the seat in a sports stadium. The applications for the use of portable receipt printers i... »

Web Hosting for Small Business

About Rackspace: As the world’s leader and specialist in hosting, Rackspace Hosting is changing the way businesses worldwide buy IT. Rackspace delivers computing–as–a–service, integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and affordable. A trusted partner to companies of all sizes, Rackspace enables IT departments to be more effective. Rackspace is distinguished by its award–winning Fanatical Support®, furthering the company’s mission to be one of the world’s greatest service companies. Rackspace provide IT hosting solutions. This is a suite of diverse hosting services that includes the management and support of managed web servers application servers, virtualisation, busines... »

BT Mobile Broadband

Free mobile broadband is here. When times are tough it’s good business to stay on top of your business all the time. FREE BT Business Mobile Broadband works wherever there’s mobile or Wi-Fi coverage so you can easily work online when you’re out of the office. And because it comes with BT Business Total Broadband option 2 or 3, you also get 99.99% reliable business broadband when you’re in the office. Get connected now. Mobile Broadband? It’s broadband access from your laptop wherever you can pick up mobile coverage It’s accessed by putting a USB modem into your laptop which picks up the signal Who offers it? All the major mobile players offer it from around £15 a month, which you buy separately from your normal office broadband. BT has just introdu... »

learndirect Business – Release the Potential of your Workforce

Businesses often rely on recruiting new staff to fill skills gaps within their organisation, but have you thought about the skills that are potentially hidden within your existing workforce? Asking the right questions of your staff can uncover a wealth of talent that you can nurture and develop, that ultimately your business can benefit from. 60 per cent of employees revealed they have untapped potential their employers should be utilising Employers are being urged by learndirect Business to seek out the “hidden skills” within their organisations, and utilise employees’ talents to benefit their business. This call to action comes as six out of ten (60 per cent) employees polled in the learndirect Business Hidden Skills Survey¹ revealed they have untapped potential th... »

Telephone Legal Advice for Small Business

Telephone Legal Advice for Small Business

Law Express Telephone Legal Advice – Call us first if you have either a business or a personal legal issue. Call 08700 434 284 between 08.00am and 8.00 pm Monday to Friday Law Express was founded in 1996 to provide high quality, impartial and professional telephone legal advice to many of the most forward thinking UK-based organisations including the John Lewis Partnership, Marks and Spencers, the Institute of Directors, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Institute of Marketing, the Chartered institute of Personnel and Development and Ceridian. We provide a gateway to telephone legal advice and online legal information for corporate employers, company employees, small businesses and members of the public. Our specialist team of non-practicing solicitors give practical legal advice on bu... »

Web Design Solutions

Here at is4profit we design web sites for businesses seeking to integrate a credible web presence into their Marketing Strategy and Business Plan. From initial consultation to finished design, is4profit works closely with the client at each stage of the design process to ensure delivery of a professional and cost-effective web solution. Choose your solution from Quick Start Websites A Quick Start web site is the ideal solution for a professional & credible initial web presence. The selection, from our range of designs, is customised to reflect the client’s image and we can even take care of the domain name registration and hosting. Quick Start Websites Bespoke Web Design An is4profit Bespoke site is a fully customised answer to web-based marketing. We design websites from the gro... »

Search Engine Marketing

Is your website making a profit? Search Engine Marketing is key to maximising profit from a website. By increasing targeted traffic to the website, and increasing conversion of that traffic into paying customers, profits will increase. Here at Web Results Direct, we have been working with clients and web designers since 1997, marketing websites and helping to convert site visitors into customers. Our services focus on increasing quality web traffic from Organic Marketing – making sure your website appears as near to the top of the natural search listings as possible, and Pay Per Click Marketing – driving traffic to your website via search advertising. Internet Marketing Services: Keyword Research Pay per Click Management Directory Submissions Competitor Link Research Online Bra... »

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