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Why Trade Online?

If everyone in the UK was given a pound for every media report covering the demise of the high street retailer, we’d all be much better off. Wherever you look the message is the same, the internet in general, and ecommerce in particular, is putting traditional retailers out of business and no-one is safe. These dark clouds however, disguise a more important truth, which is that trading online offers a huge opportunity for growth both within the UK and beyond. According to recent research from the British Retail Consortium, although total UK retail sales have been highly anaemic, but internet sales are continuing to grow rapidly. The truth, therefore, is a little bit more complicated than these media harbingers like to suggest. Retail sales may well be static, but online sales are gro... »

What Tools do you Need to Start Selling Online?

We know that the process of setting up an e-business and allowing your customers to purchase from you can seem daunting, but this process doesn’t have to be complicated. There are just four simple services you need in order to take card payments online: All of these services can be supplied by varying companies, and you will find that some suppliers offer more than one of these services, which will help with set-up time and reduce running cost and hassle once your service is set up. Here is our quick guide to each service and what you should be looking out for: Company website This represents your shop window to your potential customers and needs to be appealing for a customer, but also practical and easy for you to develop. Most e-commerce websites use a piece of software called a &... »

Setting Up Shop Online – 10 Top Tips

The wild west of the internet has been largely tamed and lots of people are succeeding online. There have been casualties, but the good news is that you don’t have to follow in their footsteps. Here are some of the good practices that have been developed over the last few years, which can help you start out in ecommerce safely. 1. It’s about your product, not technology Don’t try to implement the latest cutting-edge technology, or let fantastic design overshadow your business objectives. Focus on providing something that customers want, that they are willing to buy online, at a price they can afford. 2. Let the world know For your business to be profitable, people have to know about it. Find out where and how people are looking for your types of product. What key words do... »

More Money, Less Hassle: Tips for an Easier Life in Ecommerce

If you are a would-be entrepreneur, an existing business owner, or even a stay-at-home parent, selling online gives the potential to be a success without the headaches associated with traditional retail. A colleague of mine even suggests you can make money with your feet up! In many ways my colleague is correct, the core mechanics of any business: the marketing, providing answers to questions consumers ask, selling, taking payment and even delivery can all be automated if you are online. The good news is if something can happen online, then it can happen without your intervention. Nice and niche The first tip for an easier life is to decide what to sell and the ideal is to find a niche — an area that is in a small market and very specialist. Competition kills margins, so if there are... »

The Life of an E-commerce Payment

We all know that for your business to excel, it is paramount that you understand all the processes involved in the day-to-day running of your business. This is especially true in the case of your financial services. If, as a business, you don’t understand how payments in and out of your accounts work, you run the risk of late payments, slow cash flow and unnecessary delays that can cripple a business’ ability to run smoothly. In the example of processing a payment from your business’ website, there is a standard process that this payment follows in order for it to be processed and received by your business. Although the path of this payment is standard (depending on how your business is set up and how many providers you use), this payment path can be stalled at multiple p... »

Increase your Online Sales – the Easy Way

The best business results often come from going back to basics. In fact, sometimes clever ideas and pursuing the latest trends causes more mundane items to be ignored and can turn into a business negative. So what do you need to do to  have a massive impact on online sales volumes? The ideas below  won’t all be critical in every market, but each is well worth a look. It’s important to make sure that performance is already optimal in these areas before more advanced ideas are even considered. 1. Develop Trust People have to trust you before they will buy from your site, so a key thing is to provide your contact details on every page, including a telephone number, email and even your physical address. Responding promptly to emails boosts confidence, as does answering th... »

How to Sell Successfully on eBay and Amazon Marketplaces

What’s the Opportunity? eBay.co.uk estimates that 178,000 users run a business or use the platform as their primary or secondary source of income[1] and that there are 10 million live listings on the site at any one time. On Amazon 29% of sales are via third parties. Why do it? eBay and Amazon have deep pockets spending millions on marketing themselves and driving visitors to their marketplaces. Just look at the amount of times Amazon or eBay adverts or organic results appear at the top of the listing when you search for products in Google. Visitors to marketplaces are there to source products and spend in an environment which they feel comfortable. So the hard part of getting prospective buyers to view your products and build a level of trust in which they are happy to hand over the... »

How Can E-commerce Benefit your Business?

It is widely reported that e-commerce is growing year on year, with a recent IMRG report showing that e-retail sales grew 14% in 2012. This is also supported by the latest paypoint cebr report which highlighted that internet retail sales are estimated to grow from £28.3bn in 2011 to £33bn by 2015. As a result many businesses are adopting e-commerce as a sales channel and seeing real benefits for their business. So what are the main benefits of e-commerce for a business? Access to an increased potential customer base as many consumers are using online as their preferred shopping channel Minimal set-up costs and hassle for an online business compared to setting up a physical premises Many online retailers start their business from their own homes, reducing overhead costs faced by... »

Getting More from a Multi-channel Business

Both the traditional retail sector and the catalogue sector have now adopted the web in a big way. The result has been a blurring of barriers between sectors and the rise of the ’multi-channel’ retailer. Alongside this, consumer behaviour has drastically changed. Recent research has shown that, for large retailers at least, more products are bought in-store following research on the web than are actually found and bought purely on line. Multi-channel retailing is becoming highly significant because consumers are behaving as multi-channel shoppers. Any business ignoring this trend does so at their peril. New behaviour The modern consumer uses a variety of approaches to their purchases. Shoppers search, compare and reserve product online before buying in-store. They browse a prin... »

Four Issues with M-commerce & How to Beat Them

In a recent survey commissioned by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), 41% of UK retail brands either have, or are planning, a transactional mobile site or application within the next 12 months. This suggests that m-commerce has now become mainstream and is no longer the preserve of a few pace setters. As consumers we are at a tipping point. Just looking at my circle of friends (and I appreciate they may not be typical), most of them expect to be able to use a mobile phone as a channel to both engage with, and purchase from retailers. However, with 59% of UK brands yet to do anything about m-commerce there is both room for disruption and innovation within the SME sector. In this article I look at the top four issues with m-commerce and ways to overcome them. 1. Too many devices, ... »

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