Energy & Communications – Are You Buying Wisely?


This is a vast area so for now I will only mention Least Cost Routing (LCR).

A method whereby you continue to pay line rental to the existing company but your calls are re-routed through another carrier (who re-programme your PABX or supply you with a smart box). There are numerous re-routing companies, most of which offer very good savings compared to the BT Discount packages. However read the small print (or get a consult to do it) most companies have a minimum call spends per line or per site (normally nominal) however, some operators give you good local and national calls but expensive mobile and international calls or vice verus.

What you need to do

You need to analyse your calling structure (where you call and the frequency) and also how much you spend on calls alone in an average month. Then as before look at your bill which should indicate what tariff your on, if not call the company your with and check! You can now go out and get quotes for your Voice calls, or get a consultant to do it for you.

David Everett
Utility & Communication Consultant

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