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The simplest of them all. Business Gas users (those that use over 72,000 kWh) should all be in a contract for a given time (usually 12 months). This is because Gas is a commodity and as such bought and sold on a regular basis as wholesale prices also change on that basis. To prevent this being passed on to the customer your supplier buys enough Gas to supply your premises for the contract length at a certain price. At the end of the contract period the Gas price may of changed and they may offer you a new price (higher or lower).

What you need

Your Gas bill shows you almost all the information you need. Your meter point reference number M…… identifies your meter and is unique to that meter alone. This allows the Gas companies to get your consumption details from the national database.

The price you are currently paying for your gas is also shown on your bill in pence per kilowatt hours (p kWh). If you bought your gas this time last year you may of been paying around 0.78p kWh for your Gas.

Finally, your address details including your postcode are required then a quote can be calculated for your site. It is important to note that quotes do have an expiry date as Gas is a commodity.

Getting a quote

You have two real options, either obtaining quotes yourself by calling all the Licenced gas shippers in the UK (over 60 are licensed for commercial use) or use a consultant to do obtain the quotes for you and you decide which supplier you want to supply your business.

Status of the market compared to last year

Unfortunately due to many factors the Gas price is very high at this time and you may be paying considerably more than last year.

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