Buying Cars Online

Are you getting a good deal?

Headline prices claimed by some web sites importing cut-price cars can be misleading. It’s wise to check and compare the prices on a wide range of sites and also to ensure that the price quoted includes delivery, on the road costs and any fee charged by the company.

When importing from abroad it’s particularly important to ensure that all the following costs are included:Full UK specification

  • Right hand drive.
  • 12 months Road Fund licence
  • Registration fee
  • UK VAT
  • Delivery to your door

Never buy from a site that doesn’t offer a secure payment service.

Many online car retailers offer a wide range of additional services, which you may feel add value to your purchase. These may include:

  • Fast-track delivery option
  • Finance and insurance packages
  • Door to door delivery
  • Incentives to customers (free warranty, finance or breakdown service)
  • After-sales service. Some companies actually arrange servicing and repairs including collection and return of the vehicle
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