Businesses Urged To Create “Illusion Of Old Britain” As Nostalgic Consumers Crave Old Currency

With the introduction of the new £1 coin and triggering of Article 50, the desire to return to shillings is high among regional shoppers

Businesses Urged To Create “Illusion Of Old Britain” As Nostalgic Consumers Crave Old Currency

UK small businesses have been urged to create an “illusion of old Britain” and allow consumers to pay in pounds, shillings and pennies, according to a report by the Small Firms Index (SFI).

The survey of 1,971 UK shoppers revealed that the triggering of Article 50, coupled with the introduction of the new £1, has led to consumers hark back to old Blighty – with businesses expected to follow suit.

36% of all respondents said they were keen to return re-adopt old terminology when shopping, with consumers in Boston (75.6%), South Holland (73.6%) and Castle Point (72.7%) the most enthusiastic.

In contrast, those surveyed in Hackney were less than happy to accept the opinions of others – with 70% suggesting London businesses should adopt a more “Euro-friendly” environment. .

While pounds, shillings and pennies are no longer legal tender, it’s suggested businesses can use their own initiative and pretend they are carrying out transactions in the outdated currency if a customer so wishes.

Ian Brass, managing director of SFI said:

“Our research highly suggests there is a real “Back to British” appetite among consumers, particularly in regional areas. With the re-introduction and re-design of our current currency, an opportunity has presented itself for business owners who can play on re-ignited national pride.”

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