Businesses Suffer Productivity Losses Due to “Overstressed and Inactive” Employees

Staff in high-tech businesses are most productive and physically active while those working for healthcare and financial services are the least

Businesses Suffer Productivity Losses Due to “Overstressed and Inactive” Employees

UK small businesses are suffering significant productivity losses due to employees being ‘overstressed, inactive and unproductive’, according to a report by Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (BHW).

Surveying over 32,538 workers from all industries, BHW found that some such employees can lose companies up to 27 days of productive time each year.

Healthcare and financial services are the biggest culprits for causing staff to be stressed and unproductive with businesses in these sectors losing 26.6 and 24.9 days per employee a year respectively.

On the flip side, businesses in the high-technology sector have the most productive staff;  loses 18.9 days per employee per year.

BHW reports that the lack of productivity has a knock on for business finances with the UK losing a massive £57bn a year on average as a result.

Work-related stress is cited as one of the main factors for inactive staff, with 73% of those surveyed suffering from at least one variation of it.

Chris Bailey, partner at Mercer, who commissioned the study, said:

“Modern working practices and the make-up of roles within the UK’s workforce has impacted on the health of individuals significantly. Technology has allowed a more sedentary working life to become the norm whilst the rise of the UK’s service economy has reduced the number of manual workers and physical activity”

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