Businesses Advised to Provide “Freedom and Flexibility” to Attract Top Talent

Two thirds of smaller firms have struggled to recruit skilled staff with many believing to be losing out to larger, wealthier corporations

Businesses Advised to Provide “Freedom and Flexibility” to Attract Top Talent

Small businesses are being advised to adopt a good work-life balance in their office or risk losing top talent, Robert Walters has suggested.

The Robert Walters Guide to Recruitment for Small Businesses revealed that, for 88% of professionals, flexible working was an important consideration to evaluating potential employers by while 87% said they looked to work for companies which have a regular review and feedback process in place.

Just 69% of the survey respondents said salary and benefits had a strong influence on whether they applied for a job – suggesting the recruitment playing field against larger corporations is more level than many small businesses think.

However, this misconception appears to be a real concern for small enterprise owners with 67% of the impression that they aren’t able to source skilled staff because of competition from bigger and wealthier businesses.

Robert Walters advises businesses to use their size to their advantage and shape their company culture around ‘freedom and flexibility’ to appeal to more professionals.

Chris Hickey, Robert Walters CEO for UK, Middle East and Africa, said:

“Small and medium-sized businesses face many of the same recruitment and talent management challenges as the largest global enterprises.

“However, there are unique recruitment hurdles and opportunities that face the human resources professionals, hiring managers, managing directors, CEOs and owners in all small and medium sized businesses.

“The risks of getting it wrong are costly, and for businesses looking to secure their future success, ensuring that their recruitment and talent management processes are robust and sound is essential.”

Thinking about creating a more flexible work environment? Here’s what you need to know. 

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