Thinking About Mobile in Your Video Marketing

Thinking About Mobile in Your Video MarketingThe London Olympics set out to make the most of digital media; the goal was for their own official website to be the most visited source of information on the event and they achieved this. Their website,, had 109 million unique visitors. Interestingly, 60% of those visits were made using mobile devices. This indicates that internet will  soon be more mobile based than desktop based. The implications of this shift can’t be ignored by video marketers.

Mobile as a Driver of Loyalty

There is an argument to suggest that mobile devices drive loyalty. Think in terms of how customers will download the apps for businesses or organisations they like the most. The next time they need an associated product they are likely to go to those businesses first and foremost. The time difference between a first search and a purchase is approximately one month on a desktop computer. With mobile, it is one hour. However, some research has suggested that 34% of smartphone users have cancelled a planned purchase because of information they found on their phones whilst in store. A massive 70% of smartphone users will research the product they are hoping to buy whilst in store.

What is apparent is that mobile devices actually drive disloyalty as much as they drive loyalty. Mobile technology is fundamentally changing the relationship between consumers and retailers and is giving consumers the upper-hand.

Mobiles as the Terminator of Lies

Another way that mobile is changing relationships between businesses and consumers is the ability it gives us all to ask questions and find answers quickly. Combined with social media, mobile could bring about the end of lies… or even the end of any economy with the truth!

This is already impacting generally upon marketing as it is forcing marketers to be more honest. In terms of video marketing, honesty is now the only policy. Whatever you say or imply in your video marketing can be easily checked by visitors. No matter how strong your call to action in your video is, a viewer can open a new tab, check out competitor prices and then make more informed decisions.

Incorporating Mobile into your Video Marketing Strategy

How you approach your marketing strategy in relation to mobile is vital. The stock response is to build an app, without any real consideration of what this will achieve. In fact, 80% of branded applications get less than 1000 downloads. So if you really want an app, think about it carefully.

It is not particularly useful to simply develop a ‘mobile strategy’. What you should be thinking about is your audience; you need to develop a strategy for your audience who are increasingly more mobile. Thinking of mobile in its own category will distort your understanding of the user experience – it is useful to think about how mobile relates to, and interacts with, other elements of the user journey.

Mobile is like the glue in our usage of the internet. It is what we use to connect in between periods of using our desktop computers. Integrating mobile into a wider marketing strategy is the only sensible approach. A good place to start is to make your website look good on mobile devices. Second to this, make sure that video hosted on your website functions and plays well on mobile devices.

This infographic demonstrates the growth of mobile all over the globe.

Maximising mobile for development

(Source: Greg Jordan Design).

As mobile grows, the demand for better content on mobiles will also grow. This is coupled with projections that two thirds of all mobile data will be video by 2015 (Cisco 2011). However, businesses are failing to see the significance and aren’t setting enough aside in the budget for mobile. Did you know that the average age of a marketing director is 55? I’m just sayin’.

(For more information see Neil’s business advice article How to Create and Execute a Video Marketing Strategy.)

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