Should Your Small Business Work With A Marketing Agency?

Lucy Stevens, the content marketing executive at Datify, argues the case for getting your business involved with a marketing agency

Should Your Small Business Work With A Marketing Agency?

The phrase ‘content is king’ may be an outdated one but if we’re speaking in terms of just what marketing can do for your business, then it’s unquestionably true. I may be slightly biased here but I truly believe that working with the right marketing agency, can and does, improve your business tenfold.

Your business is your baby and you’re rightly protective of it. If any of us were to hand over the reins on anything we loved we’d undoubtedly have our reservations. But, it’s important to remember that marketing agencies are the experts, just like you’re the expert in your industry. If you fail as a business, then the marketing agency has failed too. And if they don’t want to fail then you aren’t going to either.

Taking a step outside of your business comfort zone is a scary one, but for every moment you waste being apprehensive in working with a marketing agency, you can bet that your competitor is rubbing their hands with glee that you haven’t quite cottoned on yet.

Still not convinced? I’ve included just some of the reasons you should work with an agency and how you can get the most out of it.

External perspective

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is just what your business needs. A marketing agency are your eyes and ears. We’re listening to what your industry is saying, as well as the wider marketing world. We use our knowledge and tools to ensure that your business doesn’t miss an opportunity when it comes to jumping on a trend or sharing what the business stands for.

We appreciate you’re the expert and we most certainly need your input, but we can give you an external perspective on your business. When you’re caught up in the day to day aspect it can be hard to see things from a different angle, which is when an agency can be worth their weight in gold.

Our time can be dedicated to keeping an eye on your competitors and coming up with fresh ideas to ensure your business is the one on everyone’s lips.


Our world is increasingly visual. You only have to look to the Oxford Dictionary naming an emoji as the most popular word of the year to realise the importance of an image in today’s communications. Which is why your brand should be communicating your message as visually as possible.

The creative content world is becoming increasingly competitive; in order to make your business stand out from the crowd, only the best ideas will be the ones that succeed. That’s not to say that your in-house team aren’t able to flex their creative muscles, just that an agency has more time to get stuck into the task.

We’re creative every single day. It’s what we do. Agencies are full of some of the best talent out there and we have the time and resources to be as imaginative as we possibly can be. We want to ensure your business is creatively the best in your industry.

Increase brand awareness

As a marketing agency our job is to increase your brand awareness, however we need your help to do this. It’s great to have ambitions but we don’t have a magic PR button we can press and get you all the top tier placements you desire if you aren’t willing to help us a little.

We need your help to create a story and cooperation in getting those placements. You’re the experts, so tell us everything we need to know about your business. Why are you different from your competitors? What are you working on right now? What are your placement goals? Do you have any content ideas?

If you integrate us into your business as much as possible then you’re going to see better results. We shouldn’t be seen as a separate entity. If you think there’s something we should be aware of or anything which may affect our work, let us know. It could be about the new products you’re launching or that our key contact is on annual leave; these things can affect how we do our job, so tell us so that we can work around it.

Build trust

Brands are built on trust and a marketing agencies role is to help build up trust with your target audience. We want to make you known for being the experts in your industry. Businesses are no longer faceless entities and this largely due to how we now interact with brands.

The digital world has broken down previous communication barriers; we’re online 24/7. Brands have had to adapt to being open and honest with consumers. Where the internet is concerned; information is available all to easily and if you aren’t willing to be open then you’re going to be quickly left behind.

The content you create should be there to serve a purpose, inform your audience and build trust for your brand. If you talk to us about keywords, then it’s likely we’ll switch off completely. They look spammy, are seen by Google as spam and won’t do any good for your brand. A quality marketing agency won’t even entertain the idea of writing content around keywords.

Well-created content will enhance your rankings in Google, ensure you’re in the right publications or websites and in front of your desired audience. Which leads to you building brand trust.

In order to get the most of your relationship with your marketing agency, as a business you need to be fully invested in your strategy and place your trust in the agency you’ve chosen to do the job. Without investment and trust, you simply won’t see the desired results.

Lucy Stevens is the content marketing executive at Datify, a data driven digital marketing agency.

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