Save Your Business Time and Money In 2017 By Becoming ‘Smart’

Read how the internet of things can help your small business this year...

Save Your Business Time and Money In 2017 By Becoming ‘Smart’

IoT isn’t just a myth anymore, it’s everywhere we look. Think about it, our mobiles, our watches, our cars; even our fridges are now capable of connecting to the internet. Within this network of connected objects, there must be some smart devices that will allow our businesses to save time and money, right?

Like the Internet of Things, business is evolving every day; changing and adapting as we seek out more efficient processes and equipment to help us maximise profit, minimise expenditure and vastly improve our productivity. So what IoT applications will help your business thrive? Here’s my favourite three.

1. Smart machinery

If we’re honest, we can be as creative as we like when it comes to IoT. Almost any business application can be monitored remotely, without the need for human intervention. Smart machinery simply refers to the automated equipment that previously needed engineers to service, collect data for and monitor. These machines can be equipped with M2M SIM cards and a specific sensor in order to automate their functions, therefore removing the need to physically monitor them.

Our machines are now able to alert us with push notifications when they require a service or have malfunctioned, meaning engineers no longer have to waste their time driving from machine to machine in order to check the status of them. Good examples of smart machines are parking meters, vending machines and lorries; as well as anything else you can think of that requires monitoring.

2. Energy saving

At home we simply flick a light switch and turn off the lights to save power, but for a business owner it can be difficult to save money when it comes to energy. Thankfully there are IoT devices that can help reduce energy consumption, specifically within businesses.

If you want to find the source of any wasted energy you can install a power meter and pin point where, and when exactly it is you’re using energy (and therefore money). These meters give you real-time data, allowing you to adapt your business processes and reduce consumption.

If you want to control where your energy is being used, IoT applications such as smart thermostats and smart lighting are the answer. Industry leading manufacturers such as Hive, Nest and Philips Hue are helping businesses save unnecessary expenditure through the power of IoT. But why how are these technologies ‘smart’, I hear you ask? The answer is simple; you can control your utilities from your smartphone by setting the times you’d like them to be active. Pair this technology up with a power meter and you’ll be able to manage and reduce energy wastage anytime, anywhere!

3. Security

For obvious reasons, keeping your premises secure is a must for any business, that’s why IoT is progressing in this sector at an alarming rate. With the demand for real-time footage and alerts from CCTV cameras (and motion sensors) on the rise, many businesses around the globe are already utilising an IoT driven security application in one way or another.

So how can a motion-triggered security camera benefit your organisation? Well, these cameras use sensors that command the CCTV camera to start recording when they sense movement. This eliminates unnecessary recordings; meaning you don’t waste money on thousands of hard drives in order to store your data. Let your camera decide which footage is worth recording! And because there’s less footage to sift through, finding the relevant clips is much quicker. Other sensors such as audio sensors can also activate your cameras when connected.

Also, these CCTV cameras can use mobile data via an M2M SIM card instead of a fixed connection. This means that you can move your camera as and when you please without the need to reroute cables; move your CCTV solution from room to room, even put them on a vehicle! Because your connection doesn’t need rewiring, there’s no need for you to fork out for engineering charges.

Overall there are hundreds of IoT applications that will help your business save time and money, but these are my top three. IoT is extremely easy to implement in business; there’s no need to have long processes when one simple device or SIM card can automate the action for you! So if it can save your company time money at the same time, it really is a no-brainer.

Aaron Watts is a digital marketing and PR executive for DuoCall and InfiSIM

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