How Important is Sustainable Packaging to Millennials?

Long thought to be a hindrance for many small businesses, using eco-friendly packaging can have more than just environmental benefits

How Important is Sustainable Packaging to Millennials?

It is true that sustainability and business, have not always worked together hand in hand, as it can be extremely difficult for small businesses to implement sustainability measures due to costs.

However, customers are now becoming more aware of the need for sustainable business practices and pressure is building in the small business world – with many feeling forced to combine sustainability with good business practice.

The benefits to sustainable businesses

The investment in eco-friendly business practices may seem daunting right now, but the rise in consumer demand for sustainability improvements has led businesses of all sizes to tackle wasteful practices in their workplace.

Sustainability experts argue that many businesses are improving this aspect of their business to improve their competitiveness against other businesses.

Sustainability is a factor that can definitely assist competitiveness in any business. Initiating new solutions within a business can drive your business forward as sustainability has also been shown to produce new demands and markets for businesses.

Sustainability and business

If you are a small business in your first few years, then you should be considering the impact your business is having on the environment on a long-term scale.

Being economically sustainable may mean that your business has to look at developing long-lasting business and packaging strategies. Are there any ways that your business can make a lesser impact on the environment?

Starting with something as simple as packaging can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable packing tips for businesses

The statistics are showing that consumers are more inclined to buy sustainable products. Over 80% of customers say that it is important for businesses to construct programs which are environmentally friendly and more than 20% of those are willing to pay more for it.

Marketing consultant and Forbes writer Jeff Fromm believes that companies must move with the times and start incorporating forward-thinking strategies:

“Millennials have stronger connections with brands that promote sustainability in addition to corporate responsibility. The combination of these two values encourages companies to implement viable business practices throughout the entire ecosystem”

Your business may already be using sustainable methods. If your business is using recycled cardboard packaging it is one of best materials for eco-friendly businesses to use. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be made from 100% recycled materials – make sure you are letting you customers know this.

Start small with your packaging strategy

Cardboard is one of the best materials to use for eco-friendly packaging. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be made from 100% recycled materials – make sure you are letting you customers know this.

First impressions do count and second boxes can look extremely unprofessional. Follow the advice of packaging experts, Big Brown Box, they recommend fresh large packing boxes as “boxes that you could pick up from the local supermarket or shop may not be as durable and may be more susceptible to collapsing if they get damp or wet.”

Just because corrugated cardboard is recyclable doesn’t mean your business loses out on protection. Double-walled corrugated cardboard boxes are particularly sturdy, as each box has a Kraft paper outer lining which is added by packaging specialists for added protection.

Keep your stock protected

Just because your business is being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to compromise on professionalism. Try to use filling materials like loose fill chips that are 100% biodegradable. These are an excellent choice if you are using bigger boxes as they can fill in spaces and can be used with a variety of materials.

More and more customers are becoming frustrated with excessive packaging with layers upon layers of protective measurements. The main thing your business can do to improve its eco footprint is to keep it simple.

Businesses should walk before they can run and should and strip it back to the basics when it comes to sustainability. Once you have a cost effective strategy in the plan, it is then time to think about design. Be original and let your packaging tell your customers what kind of business you are.

Melissa Lang is a marketer from Glasgow, Scotland, and currently works with helping businesses create a more sustainable strategy.

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