Get Ready for the Post-Christmas Rush

Stormy - The busiest online shopping day of the yearBy John Sollars, MD and founder of

We’ve had Valentine’s Day, we’ve had Halloween, we’ve even had Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but do you know the busiest online shopping day of the year?For years I had trudged along, not really bothering about December, writing it off almost; nobody buys printer ink for Christmas, so make the most of it and look forward to January. Then I read an article by Hitwise which said that BOXING DAY is the busiest online shopping day of the year. I was mortified, I had ignored that period between Christmas and 1 January, but last year I changed all that and we reaped a big reward.

I intend to fill my boots with even more post-Christmas orders this year: we will have email campaigns, banner offers and spend some hard-earned budget on Adwords to maximise the shopping frenzy that seems to engulf our lovely nation when we are all bored by the long shutdown and desperate to do some shopping!

Traditionally my Boxing Day includes filling up on cold turkey, chips and gravy (best meal of the festive period); freezing in some football stadium if the Wolves are at home; and counting the cost of the festive period. I like going to work, but even I enjoy a long weekend break over Easter and Christmas, so it can be a struggle to get out of bed on the 27th and go into the office while the rest of the house is still asleep. Not any more!

Gone is our ‘quiet time of year’ when we used to stock take, tidy up and clear out with a start late and early finish. Last year, our warehouse clearance sale started at midnight on 25th and ran through into the New Year, and guess what? We nearly didn’t cope with the flood of orders on the skeleton crew on duty. In fact we added nearly fifty grand to our turnover in two and a half days. Therefore, this year I am planning to do even better!

People’s holidays have been better organised so that we have enough staff to cope; I’m ordering in extra stock, our carrier is on standby and we will be working normal hours (more or less) so roll on BOXING DAY – I love you!

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