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About NearDesk

NearDesk makes it easy for people to work productively – using a card to touch-in, touch-out and only pay for the time they use. It is used by people to work near home rather than commute or trying to be effective at home, and by companies to reduce costs whilst retaining and motivating staff.

About our business expert, Tom Ball

Tom is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of NearDesk. He was originally a hardware engineer before migrating to software / web development. Tom built a 25 person web development firm (CD9) and a dotcom (DomainAudit). However, 9/11 and Enron’s bankruptcy led to the collapse of the business just days before his wedding.

Tom then went on to set up a communications business and spent seven years helping banks and IT companies explain their strategy, learning more about strategy and how to apply technology to solve business problems. Clients included Cisco, Orange and Vodafone. Tom Ball recently sold that business.

Tom is passionate about networking, both on and offline. He has a huge network of enthusiastic contacts across a diverse range of industries. Tom organises events to bring up to 1,000 great people together (Entertain/OpenSoho) and his Klout score (social media influence) has been higher than Bill Gates.

Tom loves business and continually comes up with new business ideas: He recently bought the entire contents of a fancy dress shop on eBay and then managed to prove the business case to his wife.

He’s now on a mission to get a million people working near home one day per week. More than half of the greenhouse gas emissions, for most companies, comes from commuting. Working nearer home, even just one day a week, will improve the quality of life, is much kinder the environment and improves a company’s performance.

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Tom’s Areas of Business Expertise

  • Business Strategy
  • Green Business
  • Starting Up

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