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Eric Brandenburg - MarketestEric Brandenburg

UK Manager


About Marketest

Marketest is a leading online market research company for business start-ups. We primarily work for start-up entrepreneurs and companies launching a new product or service.

We provide local, national and international quantitative market research using a group of more than 950,000 targeted panellists.

Our cost-effective and rapid services are ideal for new business start-ups and can play a vital role in obtaining financial support for your company.

About our business expert, Eric Brandenburg

I’m an entrepreneur helping entrepreneurs test their target market before starting their company or launching a new product/service.

With a business education and more than 3 years experience in market research and entrepreneurship in general I am able to understand pre-startups and start-ups in market research.

The company team also has a strong background in consultancy for business start-up.

Eric Brandenburg’s Business Advice Articles

Eric’s Areas of Business Expertise

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Starting Up

For more information

United House
North Road
N7 9DP

Twitter: @Marketest
Linkedin: Marketest on LinkedIn

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