Budget 2012 – Annual Tax Rates and Allowances


George Osborne’s third budget was once again a "budget for growth" just like last year, but the chancellor also stated it as a "budget for business" saying that it "unashamedly backs business and is on side of aspiration."

The key points of the budget 2012 for small business were:

  • The cutting of the 50 top tax rate to 45p from April 2013
  • Increasing personal income allowances to £9,205 from April 2013
  • Cutting corporation tax to 24% from April 2012
  • Announcing new Scottish enterprise zones in Dundee, Irvine and Nigg and a Welsh enterprise zone is to be created in Deeside.
  • Simplifying the tax system
  • Offering tax relief to video games, animation and high-end TV production businesses
  • No changes to fuel duty
  • Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) will rise in line with inflation but will be frozen for road hauliers
  • The consideration of enterprise loans so that young people can start their own busiensses

NOTE: The figures contained in this article are subject to amendment as the Finance Bills pass through Parliament. This article is a guide only and advice should be taken before acting on its contents.

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