BT Mobile Broadband

Free mobile broadband is here.

When times are tough it’s good business to stay on top of your business all the time.

FREE BT Business Mobile Broadband works wherever there’s mobile or Wi-Fi coverage so you can easily work online when you’re out of the office.

And because it comes with BT Business Total Broadband option 2 or 3, you also get 99.99% reliable business broadband when you’re in the office.

Get connected now.

Mobile Broadband?

  • It’s broadband access from your laptop wherever you can pick up mobile coverage
  • It’s accessed by putting a USB modem into your laptop which picks up the signal

Who offers it?

  • All the major mobile players offer it from around £15 a month, which you buy separately from your normal office broadband.
  • BT has just introduced free mobile broadband as part of it’s option 2 and 3 broadband packages, meaning your normal office broadband and free broadband come in one package

Why is mobile broadband useful for SMEs?

  • In tough economic times, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your business
  • So mobile broadband has come along at the right time
  • It’s a great addition to your office broadband because it allows you to take your laptop wherever you go and be able to work as though you were in the office
  • So you can be as productive as you want to be wherever you are, seizing opportunities and staying on top of your business.

How’s it different from what I’ve got already?

  • It’s different from a blackberry because you have the full laptop interface and usability
  • And it’s a great addition to wi-fi: wi-fi’s great when you’re somewhere with wi-fi coverage, but with mobile broadband you can get coverage anywhere you could use a mobile phone which gives you far more options
  • Having both is great as it means you won’t use up your mobile broadband data limit too quickly. With BT, your laptop will automatically choose wi-fi whre it’s available which means you’ll use your mobile broadband data limit as efficiently as possible.

Will it be as reliable as my office broadband?

  • Reliability and support will be just as important as with your office broadband, so make sure your supplier offers both
  • Where you get fixed and mobile broadband in one package, as with BT where the free mobile broadband element is a free add-on, you will benefit from all the usual service benefits of the fixed package such as 24/7 freephone UK-based support and extra support for a month after you switch to BT
  • Free mobile broadband is here.

Get connected now.

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