Brits say Entrepreneurs Are “Lazy” For Not Working Nine to Five

New report flags up misconceptions of running a business with 16% of consumers believe entrepreneurs don’t have money worries

Brits say Entrepreneurs Are “Lazy” For Not Working Nine to Five

One in five Brits believe that entrepreneurs are lazy for not wanting to work a nine-to-five job, according to a report by

Of 2,481 consumers surveyed, 16% said they believed that a business owner’s spouse must make enough money to financially cover them and that they did not have financial worries.

Despite the seemingly negative perception of entrepreneurship, 21% of consumers said they found entrepreneurs to be an inspiration with 10% believing entrepreneurs to be “rebelling from the norm”.

91% of consumers surveyed said they had never been an entrepreneur, while 47% said the reason they hadn’t started their own business was to maintain a regular income.

Those who stated they had been self-employed at one point or another were asked whether they’d stuck to it or not, to which the most common responses were ‘it was the only choice I had in my line of work’ (43%), or ‘I stopped being self-employed to go back into regular employment’ (30%).

Chris Johnson, head of operations at, commented:

“It’s understandable that many would mistake those who are self-employed or entrepreneurs as lazy for not wanting to work a regular job like the rest of us, but the reality is the complete opposite.

“Those working for themselves have to put in all the hours god sends to keep work coming in, and are totally accountable to themselves.

“If your employer has a bad month sales-wise, chances are you’ll still get to keep your job and receive your monthly salary, but if someone who’s self-employed has a slow month they may not have enough money to cover their bills.”

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