British Workplaces are Only Occupied 42% of the Time

Businesses encouraged to adopt more flexible office approach with 9.6 million Brits spending half their working hours at home

British Workplaces are Only Occupied 42% of the Time

UK workplaces are only occupied 42% of the time – suggesting a rise in flexible working and a need for businesses to take action – a report by Vrumi has indicated.

The survey found that 9.6 million British workers now spend half their working hours at home with 60% of offices not even used during working hours.

Vrumi has suggested that office sharing services could help improve the UK’s “space crisis” and has encouraged more businesses to tap into the country’s growing sharing economy movement.

Rachel Johnson, an advocate of home working, said:

“I started as a graduate trainee at the Financial Times in 1989 in an era of Next suits and shoulder pads – it wasn’t my natural environment. I found the presentee-ism pointless and not constructive. I launched my freelance career from a hot attic in a Washington DC suburb and found I saved so much time on the commute… and I got so much more done during the day.”

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