British Consumers Refuse To Buy From Online Stores Who Don’t Sell in Pounds

93% of shoppers aged between 55 and 64 do not purchase from websites who list their final prices in a ‘foreign currency’, a report claims

British Consumers Refuse To Buy From Online Stores Who Don’t Sell in Pounds

80% of British consumers will not purchase from an online retailer if they fail to advertise their products in sterling, according to a report by One Hour Translation.

A survey of 1,000 British consumers revealed that older respondents are even less likely to buy products listed in a ‘foreign’ currency – with this spending attitude applying to 93% of those aged between 55 and 64.

This was in contrast to younger shoppers aged between 18 and 24 with just 64% claiming they’d be put off a purchase if the pound symbol was nowhere to be seen.

Among those between 25 and 34 the ratio rose to 71%, with shoppers ages between 35 and 44 coming in at 79%, while those surveyed between 45 and 54 had an even higher ratio of 83% – suggesting online businesses will have a tough time of converting visitors into spenders in they fail to cater to their currency preference.

Ofer Shoshan, co-founder and CEO of One Hour Translation, said:

“The British consumer public has sent a very clear message to e-commerce sites all over the world that from now on prices must be listed in the local currency in order for local customers to shop online.

“The matter of pricing in British pounds cannot be resolved solely by providing a clearing solution, but requires that prices be listed in British pounds throughout the purchasing process.”

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