Britain’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses Revealed

BrewDog and Tangle Teezer among companies ranked highest for profitability in The Sunday Times annual Profit Track 100 league table

Britain’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses Revealed

The British businesses with the fastest growing profits over the last three years have been revealed in The Sunday Times’ latest annual Profit Track 100 index.

To feature in the index, companies must have sales of between £3m and £40m and achieve average three year profit growth of between 40% to 200% each year.

Anesco, an energy efficiency consultancy based in Reading, topped the 2016 list with annual profit growth of 179.15% and latest profits of £20.7m.

Notable businesses also featured in the index include BrewDog with profits of £5.5m, Tangle Teezer with profits of £7.2m, and Missguided with profits of £4.8m.

On average, the 100 companies ranked in the index achieved profit growth of 82% each year over the three years – totalling £1.5bn in 2014/15.

Glenn Elliott, founder and CEO of Reward Gateway – which ranked ninth in the index – said:

“We are delighted to be ranked so highly and positioned alongside companies we have long admired.

“Reward Gateway has grown exponentially from a company I started with a couple of credit cards, to become the world leader in employee engagement technology.”

View the Profit Track 100 index in full here.

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