Could You Boost Your Business Marketing Efforts With Infographics?

Allowing your business's message to be both concise yet eye catching, infographics can be incredibly effective when used correctly

Could You Boost Your Business Marketing Efforts With Infographics?

We’ve been communicating using art for thousands of years, dating our ability to tell complex stories in simple visual form all the way back to ancient cave paintings, through to hieroglyphics and finally the invention of brand logos and the industrial revolution.

Of course today thanks to the rise of technology we are now using art in a much more advanced way but the premise is still the same. Stunning visuals used to communicate a message with the audience. The most recent wave of art being used in this way are infographics, a sharable tool that can help improve your company’s content marketing efforts.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is the visual representation of information. Its purpose is to be easily digested by those who are engaging with it. One of the things that make infographics so popular today is their easy-to-read nature. Today it seems we’re all working more hours than ever before so consumers crave content that they can understand in an instant. To make an infographic successful it should always:

  • Have a clear purpose
  • Make information easy to understand
  • Use visuals to represent data

Why do consumers love infographics?

Gone are the days of cave paintings and hieroglyphics, but our minds still work in much the same way. Humans love visual imagery, which is why this way of communication, has remained unchanged for so long.

Did you know it takes nearly one minute to read 250 words, but only one tenth of a second to process a picture? This is amazing information to be armed with when wanting to create eye-catching content for your customers to engage with. Infographic creator Create An Infographic sum their popularity up;

“Infographics and charts are growing in popularity as they enable the summary of complex data into a compact and engaging design that holds the attention of your audience.”

Why should my business use Infographics?

Increase brand presence

Infographics are a great way to increase your brand’s presence online. Each infographic you create should be emblazoned with your company’s logo, website and contact information. This means that each time the infographic is viewed; you’re cementing your company name with the audience and using it not only as a device to inform your readers, but as a lead generation tool also!

Infographics and social media

Did you know that visual content receive up to 94% more views than content without any visuals? This is because visuals are so attractive to us humans, we are like magpies; we see something pretty and want to engage with it, and show it off! When a stunning infographic is used we’re compelled to share it via social media to others can witness it too.

  • Twitter users tweet 277,000 times
  • Google receives over 4,000,000 searches
  • Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of information

With all of these opportunities to have your information shared and gain exposure online, it’s important your content is optimised to be shared. Ditch the plain text and focus on sharable visuals.

Gain new customers

Every day updates in written text are nothing new, but visual create more likes and shares. Using infographics is a great way to encourage activity on your social media channels, driving new friends, followers and ultimately customers. You will increase engagement with your audience and enjoy greater reach each time the infographic is shared. Infographics are more attractive than written text, making them more likely to be shared online.

Boost your SEO

A well-designed infographic will boost your SEO because they are sharable and linkable. Infographics offer permanent linkable assets that won’t go out of fashion, like a written text news story. What’s more, the information from your infographic can be taken and used in a white paper or press release for your company which gives the content longevity.

Inform your Customers

Infographics are highly educational thanks to their easy-to-digest nature. Teach your audience about your passion through curated infographics with an accompanying blog post. Why not answer some frequently asked questions using an infographic as a way to resolve customer’s problems in a unique way?

How to create the perfect infographic

According to Hubspot, infographics are liked and shared on social media three times more than other any other type of content. They state that 60% of marketers predict the use of infographics will increase in 2016 compared to 2015. So, armed with this knowledge what exactly goes in to making a sharable infographic?


Choose a short and memorable title, 70 characters is the perfect length. You want to entice your reader to read more. Try phrases like “How to…” as consumers love to have questions answered.


As we’re so affected by visuals, it’s only natural we are affected by colour too. Your infographic must reflect your brand’s identity, choose colours that match the message you’re portraying. Green evokes peace, yellow connotes optimism and red makes users jump to action


Infographics main purpose is to portray information in a clear way, only use up to date facts and figures or your infographic will seem untrustworthy, as will you brand.

Add your logo

Add your logo name to the bottom of your infographic, this will act as an ownership stamp and let all those who view it who created it, driving traffic to your site.

Do I need a professional infographic designer?

There are online tools you can use to create your own infographics, but investing a small amount in designers who are trained in visual communications is a sure way to know your infographic will gain the most amount of exposure. Professional designers are systematic in their approach and have a plethora of knowledge to create effective designs of your information.

  • sketching
  • conceptualising
  • testing
  • final design

The future of content marketing

You have probably heard the phrase “content is king” and this is true, your online efforts are controlled by the content you share, but who is reigning supreme in the content contest? Without a doubt it’s visual information, with infographics proving the ideal way to share information with your audience.

Infographics are aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a purpose; to inform your audience and drive engagement with your brand. Companies who fail to invest in visual content may miss out on vital social media sharing opportunities. Add infographics to your content marketing strategy and improve the chances of your carefully curated wisdom being shared and enjoyed.

Suzanne Vallance writes for Create An Infographic, a graphic design and infographic agency. 

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