A Guide on How to Boost your Customer Service and Increase Sales

While there are many things to remember in business, customer service is still the most important

A Guide on How to Boost your Customer Service and Increase Sales

It’s amazing that there are so many businesses out there that are losing sales simply because they don’t provide a strong level of customer service.

Virtually every company is spending money on building a brand and executing marketing campaigns, but then fall short simply because potential customers are met with poor service.

When someone makes contact with your company the chances are that it is because they are interested in a product you offer so it’s vital they are greeted professionally when they make that all important first point of contact.

Communicate with Staff

Are your staff aware of the standards in customer service you expect?

It’s important that everyone at your company is on the same page and all working towards the same goals. You’ll be surprised how many different answers you will receive when you ask staff for a definition of ‘customer service’ and how to fit it into your sales strategy.

You should ensure that your staff know how your customers want to be treated, and ensure they are given all the necessary training required.

It is also vital your staff know how to use your systems, whether these are computer or paper based. A customer will become frustrated if they are talking to a member of your staff who cannot answer their questions or complete a request correctly.

Use Social Media

In today’s tech savvy climate it‘s becoming increasingly more common for customers to seek your businesses out on social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook. It is now vital for businesses to have a presence on these platforms as many current and potential customers will use it to talk about your brand. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to monitor your competitors.

Reports now suggest that many customers will take to social media to complain so it’s important that as a company you are closely monitoring it and responding to any messages which are sent your way.

Stay in Contact with Customers

Staying in regular contact with your customers not only ensures you maximise your level of service, it will also open up new sales opportunities.  If you work hard at developing your relationship with customers, they will in turn be more willing to continue working with your company.

By regularly speaking to your customers you will solve any existing problems with your products, as well as selling additional services depending on their requirements.

Provide a free 24hr phone line

By introducing a freephone 0800 number and complete call management package, you can instantly boost your customer service and sales enquiries by ensuring you never miss a phone call again.

The 0800 number will build trust with your customers as they can call you as often as they need knowing the call isn’t costing them a penny.

A call management packages will include additional features such as a welcome message, call whisper, voicemail and fax-to-email.

Once you have activated an 0800 number, you can route this to either a landline or mobile, and the destination number can be changed instantly online.

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