What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth dongleWith increasing emphasis on flexible working and greater ownership of mobile devices, Bluetooth is growing in popularity.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth gets equipment ‘talking’, letting businesses create instant wireless networks and share computing resources. It is short-range wireless technology that allows electronic devices like mobile phones, PDAs, mice, headsets, PCs, printers and keyboards to communicate securely with each other.

How Does Bluetooth Work?

Using radio waves, any Bluetooth-enabled item can automatically connect securely to others within a range of 10m (or 100m using a higher specification).

The data transfer speed is up to 1Mbps, less than the 10Mbps available for standard Ethernet office networks. This means that, while Bluetooth generally isn’t fast enough to run an entirely wireless office, its convenience makes it a useful addition to a standard cabled network. For example, it’s perfect for connecting mobile devices, like PDAs or laptops with your network and reducing clutter in meeting and presentation areas.

Wireless Personal Area Networking (WPAN)

Bluetooth is also very useful for mobile working. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can use Bluetooth to connect a laptop, mouse, mobile phone and printer to create your own WPAN – a Wireless Personal Area Network.

Using Bluetooth

The applications of Bluetooth are enormous. It allows you to:

  • create instant ad-hoc networks to share files and information
  • synchronise data quickly and wirelessly between PDAs, phones, and desktop computers
  • connect wirelessly to a printer or scanner
  • work flexibly in offices
  • e-mail or access the internet anywhere by connecting a laptop and a mobile phone
  • use Bluetooth in test or manufacturing to control and monitor equipment.

Getting Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is increasingly built into contemporary mobile phones, PDAs, PCs and PC-related products. You can also buy a Bluetooth adaptor or card for many devices.

A Bluetooth adaptor, which can be used to add Bluetooth functionality to a laptop or PC, costs about £10. A Bluetooth router costs about £100.

Further Help and Advice

Have a look at www.bluetooth.com for more information.

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