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8 Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe Online

8 Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe Online

Cybercrime continues to hit the headlines with the latest stats revealing over five million instances of online fraud in the last year alone and you may even have been a victim without realising it. Indeed, one of the key methods used by virtual thieves is to steal small amounts from multiple victims, so they are rarely discovered until it is too late. And did you know, you are also responsible for your customer’s information as well, facing hefty fines if you breach the data prevention act, so it is vital to stay safe online. IT and technology move at such a fast pace and it can be confusing to keep abreast of new and emerging threats, so that’s why I have created these eight tips to keep you and your business safe in the virtual world. 1. Keep your infrastructure defence systems up-to-da... »

5 Ways to Make it as a Successful Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Make it as a Successful Entrepreneur

While the amount of new businesses starting continues to rise, almost half of the new companies created in any given year fail within their first five years. So what does it really take to leave the security that comes with a regular pay check and become your own boss? Here are five key traits that have made me, and others, become a better business leader and as a result have helped my company thrive… As a business owner you need to be a go-getter The ability to self-start is perhaps the most important feature of successful entrepreneurs. From a very young age I knew that working for someone else wasn’t for me and although initially launching a company can result in long hours and low pay, it enables you to start and grow something you have created. This was enough to motivate me to work t... »

Why is a Connected Customer Experience the Key to Success?

Why is a Connected Customer Experience the Key to Success?

A few months ago, I was shopping at a high street retailer and found a great suit, except for the fact that the jacket sleeves were too short. In order to get another ordered, the sales assistant had to call another store to determine if they had the jacket, then get me on the phone to provide the store with my information, including name, address and credit card number – even though I had a store credit card. During this transaction, a line of customers built up behind me at the checkout. Instead of having an inventory or customer information available over a computer or tablet, the company had me making a phone call like it was 1999 – frustrating me and the other customers left waiting, and costing their business valuable time and resources. The need for a single, unified record in your ... »

Government Growth Vouchers: What You Should Know

When was the last time you received some advice? And when was the last time you received some good advice relevant to your small business? If the answers to the above questions are ‘often’ followed by ‘rarely’ then you’re in the same position as thousands of small business owners nationwide. In response to this, the Government launched a funding scheme in January to help small businesses get the quality instruction they need to grow quickly and sustainably. »

BI for the DI?

(Business Intelligence for the Detective Inspector?) Sean Farrington, UK MD & RVP Northern Europe at QlikTech argues that TV detectives are not too different from business intelligence users after all… In recent weeks, the general public has been captivated by the latest series of the BBC’s Luther, a psychological thriller starring Idris Elba as the title character, featuring no shortage of action and complex characters. Add to this the nation’s recent obsession with shows such as Broadchurch and Sherlock – clearly we as a general public are riveted by these crime-solving figureheads. »

Let’s Get Political

Karren Brady, star of The Apprentice and vice-chairman of West Ham United Football Club, has said that she would like to enter politics but that being fast tracked doesn’t appeal to her. Stating that too many politicians “theorise about business”, a sentiment I must agree with. Brady has been muted as a future Conservative candidate or even leader which puts her at odds with Lord Sugar, her boss on the apprentice who reputedly supports Labour. »

Business Opportunities – What is Out There?

By Neil Graham, CEO of CashFlows Every week we are reminded what a tough economic climate it is out there for businesses, however could there be some big opportunities out there to support businesses through this difficult time? The answer is yes! It may seem at times that there is no support for aspirational businesses however there are some big opportunities, which if taken, can make a significant impact on your business. These opportunities have been designed to support the 6 out of 10 businesses that are targeting growth for their business for the next 12 months, according to a recent FSB survey. With that in mind, here is a round-up of the top financial and business opportunities to support SMEs as we see them: »

Why Small Businesses Should Rediscover the ‘Lost Art of Loyalty’

By Elaine de Trafford, Area Business Manager, Barclays UK Retail and Business Banking It is unquestionable that repeat custom is of huge importance to small businesses, and the majority recognise the significance of forging personal relations with their customers.  But recent research by Barclays has shown that many small businesses are missing out on potential sales and growth opportunities by ignoring the impact customer loyalty can make on profitability. ‘Loyalty’ in retail has become a confused term, with loyalty cards and big discounts being the main weapon of choice for the big players. As a result, many small businesses may not feel able to compete with larger retailers on loyalty – but this is not the case. »