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How to Create a Good Media-Ready Case Study Every Time

How to Create a Good Media-Ready Case Study Every Time

When it comes to building reputation, nothing beats the voice of your satisfied customer. A good quality case study can increase your chances of press coverage especially when it is written in a way that attracts journalists. Aside from actually talking to potential customers, case studies are a great way of showing off what you do well and getting your business noticed. They can be used on your website, newsletter or brochure. But getting your case study printed in a magazine or newspaper or posted on an influential website is a sure-fire way to build brand awareness, generate new leads and secure a perceived level of industry endorsement. We know that journalists find case studies extremely useful to illustrate how businesses have successfully overcome certain challenges or achieved cert... »

How Understanding the Customer’s Journey Can Benefit Your Small Business

Carl Holmquist discusses why the customer journey is not what you think it is and how to maximise the effectiveness of your small business marketing. The future of marketing lies in the understanding of the customer journey. As consumers, we constantly engage with brands through various marketing channels, such as emails, display ads, paid search ads, social media, and direct website visits – but we don’t make purchasing decisions on all marketing channels. »

Why Businesses Need to Re-evaluate Consumers’ Online Path to Purchase

It’s no secret that customers frequently go online to find services and then contact companies by phone before purchasing. When we are talking about the software tools used by online marketers however, what is a well-kept secret is that they all lack the capability of capturing this offline event in tracking user behaviour. The outcome is websites and marketing campaigns that are not designed for the customer, they are designed based on our tracking capabilities. »

Narrowing Your Focus Can Broaden Your Horizons: What Content Can Do for Your Business

For small businesses trying to make an impression online, the scale of the task can appear very daunting. There’s plenty of advice out there, but wading through this white noise of bold ideas and good intentions to come up with an actionable marketing plan can lead to more confusion. Branding, SEO, PR, sales, blogging, social media, PPC; the list of possible avenues for expanding your online presence goes on and on. »

What Does Your Business Phone Number Say About You?

A new law hits the statute book on June 13th which makes it illegal for companies to use premium-rate telephone numbers for their customer service lines. It has never been more important to make sure you have the telephone number that best suits your business, whatever its size. Telephone numbers are more than just a means of customers and prospects getting in touch with you – vital though that is to a thriving enterprise. They can also reveal more than you think about your business and have a direct effect on your reputation. »

Small Businesses Should Embrace the Dot London Look

On 29th April 2014, ICANN, the body that controls online domain names, will open applications for .london domains. For London’s businesses, great and small, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to localise their business and register a unique business domain before anyone else. This is advantageous for small firms in particular as much of their brand development and representation happens online, mainly via their website and budget-friendly social media work. So, for London’s 800,000 small businesses, the fairly lengthy process is worth considering. »

SEO Tips for SMEs

(Five Cheap and Easy Ones) The internet is supposed to be the great leveller. The UK’s small businesses could be forgiven for thinking otherwise though, as they watch the country’s, or even the world’s, largest companies hoover up a fortune of online business by pouring cash into search engine optimisation. The internet is a big place, however, and I believe there is room for us all so I want to show how small business owners can level the playing field by keeping it local online. To that end, I’ve offered up five cheap and easy SEO tips that adhere to the three golden rules: keep it local, keep it fresh and NEVER try to pull a fast one over Google. But first, some key stats to demonstrate the opportunity for small businesses: »

Texas Joe Reigns in Dragons

Last night’s episode of Dragons’ Den on BBC was a corker. We saw a pitch for an “umbrella” for a rotary dryer, an exercise mat that you can wear around your waist and yet another bid for funding for a range of sauces… [at least it wasn’t cupcakes – Ed] But the best pitch of the night came from Joe Walters, a native Texan living in London, and he was wearing a cowboy hat and a rhinestone suit, accompanied by a bluegrass band singing “Put that jerky in your mouth, mouth, mouth.”… »

What Social Media Has to Offer PR

Heather Baker, managing director of TopLine Communications, offers her thoughts on why PR needs social media As a business owner, your reason behind appointing a public relations agency is to manage your reputation and position your company as the leading voice in your area of expertise. With this in mind, it is essential to make sure that any agency you employ is also knowledgeable in and can advise you on social media, search engine optimisation, and video. If you don’t then it’s a waste of your money. It’s as simple as that and here’s why: »

Product Returns: How to turn a problem into a golden opportunity

By Ben Dyer, CEO of ecommerce software specialist, SellerDeck With the ecommerce silly season, or as people outside of retail call it “Christmas”, now behind us, most online retailers spend January and February dealing with the fall out. It’s interesting listening to the support calls here at SellerDeck. We spend a lot of the first part of the year helping our customers to upgrade to our latest version and we hear a lot of fascinating stories! One of the hottest questions coming from the phone lines at the moment is the best way to handle product returns. »

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