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Our export business advice articles cover a variety of aspects to help small and medium enterprises instigate and increase their overseas trading presence.

How Exporters Can Take Advantage of Brexit

How Exporters Can Take Advantage of Brexit

Uncertainty is the name of the game at the moment – no one seems to be sure when, how or if Brexit is happening, and the rumours are flying fast. This uncertainty has translated to the currency markets, and the weak pound has been hitting headlines. For exporters, however, this is good news – and with the right currency strategy, you can use Brexit to boost your profit margins. what’s happened in the currency markets Since the result of the referendum was announced, we’ve seen big movements in exchange rates – sterling slid dramatically, reaching its lowest against the dollar for 31 years. With political unrest in the UK and an uncertain timeline on Brexit, everyone is expecting volatility in the currency markets to continue for some time. What this means for exporters British exporters st... »

When Will you Hit Your Domestic Growth Ceiling?

Simon Nicholson, Head of International at Barclays Business banking explores SMEs’ options to export by asking “When Will you Hit Your Domestic Growth Ceiling?” In the early stages of setting up your business it’s likely that you focused on getting your product out to market and establishing your brand. However, you may not have predicted what would happen once you had saturated the domestic market. It’s at this point that international trading can turn your business from a start-up into an established SME. »

Why We Want Young Entrepreneurs to Think Global

By Andrew Devenport, Youth Business International Given today’s turbulent economy, young people with entrepreneurial aspirations could be forgiven for thinking that starting a business, let alone one with global ambitions, is too risky or complicated a career option. However, looking at some research we have just released to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012, it actually seems now may well be a good time for budding young entrepreneurs to begin thinking about starting up. »

Small Businesses Export to Expand

Steve Cooper, Vice Chairman of Barclays Business Banking Click to enlarge The Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London 2012 Olympics have focused the world’s attention on the UK. It has never been a better time to be British, and that creates tremendous opportunities for small businesses to trade in international markets. The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) certainly believe so; they have committed to raising the number of small businesses that export to one in four by the end of 2012. »