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Women in Business: 10 Ways to Achieve Success Regardless of Gender

Women in Business: 10 Ways to Achieve Success Regardless of Gender

Despite what many think, there is still a stigma surrounding women in certain roles and industries. Too often people focus on the negativity and obstacles that being a woman can present, but this should not impair your ability to achieve what you want. Rather than viewing gender as a constraint, it is imperative that you strive to be the best you can be while motivating those around you to do so too. I have battled systemic prejudices from the very start of my career. I was denied a top tier ranking due to the assumption that I would leave work to have children, but I contested, defied my ‘Band B’ allocation and won. Ever since, I have endeavored to overcome any biases that have threatened my progression. I left school in my mid-teens to pursue a thirty year banking career and have now ris... »

How to Network Efficiently and Effectively

How to Network Efficiently and Effectively

Mention the word ‘networking’ to many business owners and it is an immediate turnoff. But effective networking is essential for growing your business. It is one of the quickest and most powerful tools you can use to generate new sales leads and learn more about target markets. Here we give you the low down on grasping the networking basics and doing it like a pro. Why is networking important? We’ve all heard the saying: ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Research shows that networking works. About four in five of those who have networked have reported benefits, from making useful contacts and receiving relevant advice to increasing sales. In fact, it can be one of the most cost-effective routes to market, opening the door to influential contacts that otherwise you might not have ... »

6 Great Characteristics Every Mumpreneur Should Have

6 Great Characteristics Every Mumpreneur Should Have

Being a mother is one of the most amazing, challenging and creative jobs that anyone can do. Add running a business into the mix and it can be as thrilling as it is hard, especially when you’re trying to keep everyone on the surface looking normal ‘enough’. In 2015, ‘mumpreneurs’ (business women who also happen to be mums) contributed an impressive £7.2bn to the UK economy. Ambition, business acumen and the need for flexibility alongside accomplishing one of the most demanding of roles – being a mum – is a potent combination. Mumpreneurs take multi-tasking to its pinnacle and overcome conventions; this ability to juggle multiple priorities pays dividends. Baroness Karren Brady, Jo Malone MBE, Julie Deane OBE, Victoria Beckham and Chrissie Rucker MBE are all hi... »

5 Ways to Make it as a Successful Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Make it as a Successful Entrepreneur

While the amount of new businesses starting continues to rise, almost half of the new companies created in any given year fail within their first five years. So what does it really take to leave the security that comes with a regular pay check and become your own boss? Here are five key traits that have made me, and others, become a better business leader and as a result have helped my company thrive… As a business owner you need to be a go-getter The ability to self-start is perhaps the most important feature of successful entrepreneurs. From a very young age I knew that working for someone else wasn’t for me and although initially launching a company can result in long hours and low pay, it enables you to start and grow something you have created. This was enough to motivate me to work t... »

Building a Business: It Takes Two

Having a great idea is simple. We all go to the pub, chat among friends and believe we can solve the world’s problems. However, developing, launching and scaling a product is an entirely different proposition. None of this is easy, but from my experience founding CurrencyTransfer, I highly recommend partnering up with a co-founder – preferably one with a different skillset to yourself. »

The Importance of Public Libraries to SMEs

Public libraries were once considered to be outdated institutions. However, there has been a recent resurgence; with the image of the public library transforming from outdated and old fashioned into an important resource for SMEs, start ups and entrepreneurs. One of the most significant benefits of public libraries for businesses are the resources they can offer. Not only do they provide free internet access, which in itself is an essential tool, but many libraries have dedicated business centres that can offer a range of tools, resources and advice to entrepreneurs and business people. »

How to Manage Risk

Regardless of what type of company you have, and what sector it’s operating in, there will always be risks in business – both to your company and personal liability. The best way to deal with these risks is to set up a risk management strategy which will help reduce those risks, avoid them altogether or transfer them to others. Risk management is in essence, all about reducing risks in the most cost-effective way possible and in a way that will cause as little damage to your business as possible. »

2013 National Business Awards Winners Share Top Tips for Success

The National Business Awards may be over for this year, but the winners here share their top tips for success with is4profit’s readers. »

How to Nurture Young Entrepreneurial Talent

For many young people, the job market can be a daunting prospect. With one in five 16 to 24 year olds out of work in the UK and the media constantly exposing us to images of deserted high streets and congested job centres, it’s no surprise that young people can become cynical and jaded when it comes to planning and pursuing their future careers. However, the number of young self-employed workers in the UK this year has jumped to 4.1 million according to recent statistics, and it seems that things may not be as bleak as they first appear… »

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 – Bigger and Better for Encouraging Enterprise than ever before

We’re pleased to announce that it’s been a record-breaking Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 for the UK, with more people taking part in events than ever before with over 300,000 participants taking part in a week dedicated to enterprise. It’s been a pleasure for us at Youth Business International to once again host the week in the UK, with support from Barclays, with highlights including the Premier League Enterprise Challenge launch, which has seen 6,000 young people submit business plans for growing the fanbases of Premier League clubs overseas, to Google hangouts with Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann and Sir Richard Branson. »

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