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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 – Bigger and Better for Encouraging Enterprise than ever before

We’re pleased to announce that it’s been a record-breaking Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 for the UK, with more people taking part in events than ever before with over 300,000 participants taking part in a week dedicated to enterprise. It’s been a pleasure for us at Youth Business International to once again host the week in the UK, with support from Barclays, with highlights including the Premier League Enterprise Challenge launch, which has seen 6,000 young people submit business plans for growing the fanbases of Premier League clubs overseas, to Google hangouts with Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann and Sir Richard Branson. »

Positive Start to Global Entrepreneurship Week

As we hear that the latest GDP and unemployment statistics suggest the long-awaited recovery may finally be here, it was with great pleasure that we were able to announce, at the launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 that entrepreneurs agree that positive times are near. Youth Business International (YBI) and Kauffmann Foundation have released research this week to mark the launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week, supported by Barclays. The research predicted an optimistic outlook for the growth of small businesses across a range of different factors. »

Getting a Fair Deal for Your Local

The pub industry of Britain has been taking quite a beating over the last few years with a number of factors exerting pressure in the sector, hence the launch today of a campaign called Fair Deal for Your Local. The demise of the British boozer has been blamed on a number of things; The smoking ban has been one potential reason but there’s more to it than that… »

Prompt Payment Code: Signatories Not Enough

Last week it surfaced that fewer than 1 in 5 of the UK’s largest companies have signed up to the government’s new Prompt Payments Code (PPC), which would ensure suppliers get paid within an agreed timescale. This comes nearly 3 months after Michael Fallon, business and enterprise minister, wrote to all FTSE 350 companies asking them to sign up. »

Why Businesses Should Take Note of Safer Internet Day

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Safer Internet Day. Backed by Insafe, a European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices, it has never been more important than in today’s tech-driven world. From a recent high profile hack attack on 250,000 Twitter accounts to cybercrime costing the UK economy £27 billion a year, staying safe online is vital in our personal and professional lives. While the Safer Internet Day initiative is predominantly aimed at children and young people to help raise awareness of security and safety online in an increasingly tech-driven world, there are lessons that professionals and businesses can also take away from it. »

Why Startup Britain Thinks 2013 is the Year of the Pop-Up

By Emma Jones, co-founder of enterprise campaign StartUp Britain Take an empty shop, add a constantly changing bunch of retail entrepreneurs and you have a model that will not only help re-shape the high street, but also provide much-needed shot in the arm to British entrepreneurs… »

Emma Jones: Britain’s Young Strivers Part of the Start-Up Revolution

By Emma Jones, co-founder StartUp Britain and founder of online small business community Enterprise Nation.  As a national campaign, it’s our business to know what’s going on in the start-up world.  And what we are witnessing is nothing short of revolution in the way we work. The contribution the start-up community makes to the British economy is at an all-time high.  We are witnessing record numbers of people setting up businesses in the UK.  Our daily tracker suggests 2012 will be another record-breaking year and with the 4.8m private sector companies employing an estimated 23.9m people with a turnover of £3,100bn, it’s clear it’s a trend that’s fundamental to our collective economic well-being. »

Cash Mobbing Lifts Local Business

The flash mob is a public gathering where people use social media or other communications to organise and congregate on a public place and perform some usually pointless act and then disperse again.  Now, after the flash mob, we have the cash mob – or cash mobbing. So what is cash mobbing? »

The Rise of Localism?

A couple of days ago I read an interesting piece over on the BBC News website about Totnes in Devon; the town is soon to be home to a new branch of the national chain Costa Coffee. Now Costa Coffee is a brand that is well known in the UK with some 1,375 shops in this country, and some 800 stores abroad; so what’s so special about it that this proposed coffee shop in a southwest town makes the headlines over at the BBC? »

These New Portas Pilot Towns…

People of certain  generations still have fond memories of the High Streets. I for one recall going to the toy shop or the sweet shop as a child and these two types of stores are a rare sign in our towns these days. Why is that? Well, there are a number of factors. One big one is the rise of the supermarkets. Once upon a time supermarkets were just another store in the high street, albeit often a bigger shopfront than the others. They sold “the usual” foodstuffs and not much else. »

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