Almost Half of Small Business Owners Believe World Cup will be Bad for Business

Close Brothers Business Barometer reveals concerns about staff productivity and performance

Close Brothers Business Barometer (CBBB) found that 47% of management were worried about the World Cup, with 24% of this number being concerned about the effect it will have on staff performance.

CBBB is a quarterly poll that aims to measure feeling amongst small and medium-sized business management and owners on key issues. With the World Cup taking place in Brazil this year, matches will be broadcasted late at night in the UK. This, plus the relaxed licensing laws allowing bars to stay open late, has contributed to a sense of concern amongst business owners.

However, the poll also showed that 46% of the individuals surveyed expect staff to request annual leave for this time and over half of the owners are willing to accommodate the workers who want to watch the matches.

Mike Randall, the CEO of Close Business Asset Finance (a sector of the Close Brothers group that offers various funding options), addressed the above findings.

Randall asserted that small businesses should follow steps to protect themselves, but also to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise during the competition:

“Small perks in the workplace can greatly increase employee morale and job satisfaction, so employers could consider introducing flexible working hours and other steps such as introducing a TV to the staff common area as a way to create a better working environment and potentially boost productivity and job satisfaction in the long term.”

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