‘All Play And No Work’ Attitude Biggest Time Waster Say Business Owners

HR administration and office politics are seen to put a drain on employee productivity

‘All Play And No Work’ Attitude Biggest Time Waster Say Business Owners

A fun and playful office atmosphere is one of the biggest time wasters in business, according to a report by BrightHR.

The survey of 2,000 UK enterprise owners revealed that just 4% of respondents bother to have fun with colleagues, with 28% believing such an attitude would slow productivity down more than anything else.

HR administration (31%) and office politics (29%) were also cited as other major burdens affecting output, with the education, sales, media and marketing and professional services industries suffering the most.

It’s suggested that this view could be a misunderstanding on behalf of the employer, however, with 63% of those surveyed believing that the top attribute of an engaged worker is being fully committed to achieving results.

This is despite the fact that only 8% regularly monitor productivity metrics, implying bosses have little basis for their beliefs.

Instead, it’s suggested that creating the right kind of fun atmosphere could actually help boost output and combat absenteeism, with over 90% of respondents admitting a good relationship with employees has a positive effect in these areas.

Graham Allcott, author and productivity expert, said:

“Many workers feel like the boundaries between work and life are blurring, that they’re required to check email constantly no matter what time of day or night, or that they’re being monitored and micromanaged. So creating a culture of trust, where people can feel engaged to have fun at work and participate in constantly improving productivity has never been more vital.”

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