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Broadband ADSL Applications and Services in the Future

By 2005 it was predicted that:

  • the number of UK SME employees who are online will grow by 417,000-with Broadband ADSL accounting for 21 per cent of this figure
  • 45 per cent of UK SMEs, 1.4 million firms, will be using Broadband ADSL
  • they will have increased the number of SME hours spent on line by more than 1.2 million hours a day online
  • through better productivity, they will be making additional profits of £3.5bn
  • through cost savings, they will pare overheads by £1.2bn

Broadband ADSL was once predicted to be as central to business as electricity and telephony and, judging by the government’s commitment to make sure Britain has the fastest broadband in Europe by 2015, that’s a sign of the seriousness with whoch connectivity is taken.

Your customers, suppliers, partners and employees will take the availability of broadband ADSL for granted. Similarly, business processes and solutions will automatically be built on top of Broadband ADSL.

Here are some developments we might see:

  • Presence: Video walls as high as rooms enable geographically separate offices to appear to be next to one another, with background noise filtering between them and a shared water-cooler where informal exchanges take place
  • Software: all software is rented, considerably reducing its cost of ownership, and new software packages and updates are available when they are needed. Complex services are all outsourced and managed, allowing businesses to run more effectively and offer their customers better service
  • Collaboration: All whiteboards use electronic ink and can be pulled up anywhere in your office for further discussion and annotation
  • Reference: Your word processor uses the dictionary and thesaurus of your choice from the Internet, and time-sensitive information such as exchange rates is updated automatically.
  • Networks: Wireless connections proliferate. Access to the office network and the Web is available for cheap wireless tablets installed around the office.
  • Logistics: Estate agents offer online walk-throughs on properties you are looking at and space planners show how you might use the space
  • Remote access: Your employees can access their email, diaries and contact information from a Web-enabled mobile phone
  • Travel: An employee on reconnaissance takes a mobile phone and network-connected video camera which relays images back to the office, while colleagues in the office discuss what they are seeing
  • Security: You are alerted that an alarm has gone off in your office and can see what is going on by looking at pictures from your CCTV cameras on a third-generation mobile phone with colour screen
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