ADSL Broadband Guide

Broadband ADSL Can Help Empower Employees with Data Security and Delivery of Services

Painless Internet access for all employees

Broadband ADSL can reduce the frustration employees feel when waiting for a modem connection, and eliminates the anger felt when a connection drops – an all too common experience.

Working out of the office

Employees working from home can access your office remotely using Broadband ADSL. They can easily pick up emails and attachments, and gain access to large files from the server as well as information stored on the company network. Instant messaging software can be used to keep in constant touch with workers wherever they are located.

Data Backup

Broadband ADSL allows you to back up your information offsite more quickly than is possible over narrowband, and these backups can be in addition to those you make in your own office. So if you lose onsite data backups through theft, damage or fire, your business will still be protected.

Network Monitoring

A broadband ADSL connection allows you to monitor any Web servers you run that are hosted elsewhere, or to run remote checks on the status of servers in your office when you are elsewhere.

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