ADSL Broadband Guide

Broadband ADSL Transforms Business Processes

Sharing data between offices

If you have more than one office, a Broadband ADSL connection makes it much easier to create a Wide Area Network (WAN) for your employees. This enables data to be shared between remote sites, so that instead of each office operating as an independent entity, your company can function as a synchronized unit.

Streamlining your administration

Much of today’s business administration can be done online, from banking to accounting, through VAT and the filing of taxes, to ordering and procurement. Because you will be connecting to these services frequently, you’ll find that Broadband ADSL reduces the hassle.

Government regulations are increasingly available online. Finding the regulations that apply to your organization is faster with Broadband ADSL connection, and downloading relevant documents is quicker.

Training and knowledge sharing

Nowadays, more and more people share and manage knowledge online. Broadband ADSL can enable your organization to bring information from other external sources, such as a wire service or parts supplier, into your company databases. This makes your databases more extensive and up to date.

Employees can gain quick access to institutions offering courses and workshops. Education and training that’s interactive, or based on high-quality video, is best conducted through Broadband ADSL.

Easier access to the Internet will also help your employees become familiar with new developments in best practice with the web-by looking at the sites of leaders in other industries. As your organization uses the Internet more extensively as a business tool, this ‘on the job’ training will give it critical instincts about what works and what is just bad customer experience.

Collaborating across borders and time zones

Broadband ADSL allows for new methods of international collaboration in real time, using services such as instant messaging, shared whiteboards and documents, and videoconferencing. Documents can be worked on collaboratively, or exchanged for proof-reading and electronic annotation.

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