ADSL Broadband Guide

Broadband ADSL can help Increase Revenues

Gaining customers, retaining old ones

Broadband ADSL allows you to:

  • Exchange large files easily with your customers
  • View and edit common electronic customer documents while talking changes through on the phone
  • More easily integrate client IT data with yours
  • Get instant notification of a ‘call back’ request made by a customer on your website.

Customer service

Broadband ADSL can cut the time customers wait to get responses to email enquiries. If you have a web site, Broadband ADSL helps you directly update it with answers to questions and with new information about products and services.

Marketing and sales

Many companies that don’t have their own Web site put up a storefront on general business sites such as Yahoo! and eBay, or sites that specialize in industries such as automotive, or book retailing. Uploading images of products to these sites is much quicker with a Broadband ADSL connection.

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