ADSL Broadband Guide

Broadband ADSL can help Control Costs

Communication at a predictable cost

Broadband ADSL, allows you to send and receive large attachments very quickly. So: no more lengthy modem connections, and therefore no more shocks to your communications budget – just the same charges, each month.

High-velocity research

Financial information, market reports, industry news, government regulations and competitors’ Web sites can be viewed in seconds. On narrowband connection, by contrast, navigation, downloading and printing large numbers of pages can seem interminable, while search results take forever to arrive. Broadband ADSL speeds up all of these activities.

A better managed policy on travel

Completing face-to-face meetings, videoconferencing can help you dispense with unnecessary travel costs. Conferences like those held by the World Economic Forum can be viewed or listened to online, and remote training conducted efficiently and effectively.

Outsource your overheads

More easily than narrowband, Broadband ADSL allows you to outsource administration to specialists who can prove cheaper and better at doing things than you. Admin functions which can benefit most from outsourcing and managing through Broadband ADSL are those that require frequent interactions with the outsourcing supplier, or transfer of large amounts of data. Examples include payroll, health benefits, accounting and customer support.

If you don’t want to run a full-scale IT department of your own, Broadband ADSL allows outside suppliers of IT services to diagnose computer difficulties remotely by directly viewing the screen of the staff member who is having problems-so much better than trying to describe a problem on the phone.

Manage your own email accounts

Many Internet-related IT roles can be managed more cheaply and easily inside your firm than outside. With Broadband ADSL you are permanently connected to the Internet, so you can easily have an email server in-house, making the management of mailboxes much simpler. Without having to talk to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you can:

  • Give new recruits an email address the day they start
  • Set up a company mailing list
  • Create a special email address for a marketing promotion, or for RSVP’s to a sales event.

Bring in New Software from the Outside

Not only is software easy to buy and quick to download, your computer can request automatic software updates of its own accord. This means you will always have the most recent versions of software on your computer-including software to protect you from viruses. Automatic software updates should reduce computer crashes and incompatibilities.

Soon, it will also be possible to rent typical office software on a pay-as-you-go basis, saving you the cost of buying an expensive package that you may only use for one project. Though renting software applications is possible with narrowband, it is far more practicable with Broadband ADSL.

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