About StartUp Britain

StartUp BritainStartUp Britain is a national enterprise campaign which aims to encourage more people to consider starting a business. Set up by eight independent entrepreneurs in 2011, it gets its funding from big businesses. Its work is currently sponsored by BT, Intuit, PayPal, Dell, Intel and project sponsor Viking.

The campaign has more than 80,000 registered members, a thriving and active social media following with a mission in 2013 to see more than half a million people starting up.

Its website offers advice for start-ups and growing businesses via its directory.

To deliver the start-up message, the campaign offers free themed events with top speakers – these cover finance – with a guide to crowd-funding, VC funding, Angel investment as well as the basics including how to keep on top of tax issues; a marketing week of events with ideas about how to get start-ups out there; tech week with tips, ideas and inspiration from top speakers from Tech City; StartUp days including information for people hoping to start a food business.

Reaching the parts other start-up campaigns cannot reach means we embark on an annual bus tour around the UK! Research suggests that 50% of people think about starting a business, but only around 5% do anything about it. With the bus tour, we hope to change that by speaking to people from all walks of life about how they can turn their ideas into reality.

PopUp Britain is the retail arm of the campaign. Its mission of this is to offer an affordable and manageable high street experience to start-ups and small businesses via empty shops. In six months in an empty estate agents shop in Richmond, the campaign helped more than 60 businesses get their online products to market. It launched its showcase shop in the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) late 2012. With it the campaign hopes to encourage Town Teams and Portas Pilot teams across the UK to encourage them to use the PopUp Britain model to start helping small businesses in their own local areas, while putting empty shops to good use.

The campaign is one of the founding international start-up movement inspired by StartUp America. It now advises other nations about how to start their own.

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