A Third of Small Business Owners Find Workload “Exhausting”

62% business owners say running a business is a “a constant challenge” but many struggle to pass responsibility on to staff

A new survey has revealed over a third of small business owners find running their own business “exhausting”, with 38% admitting that being an entrepreneur is harder than they had expected.

The research, conducted by YouGov, found that although business owners are struggling with workloads – 62% of entrepreneurs find running a business a “constant challenge – they are failing to share the responsibilities with their staff. 37% of respondents stated that they struggled to leave employees in control to take time off and 56% worry that staff will make errors in their absence.

The main areas of difficulty for small business owners were also revealed with 32% struggling with staff management and 25% with monitoring finance. Furthermore, 22% of small business owners spend over 10 hours on daily ‘behind-the-scenes’ admin work.

The survey discovered that due to the combination of concern over workload and leaving staff in charge, many small business owners are missing important personal occasions, including funerals, child births and their own birthday – even though 44% launched businesses for more flexibility.

First Data Merchant Solutions general manager, Raj Sond, commented on the findings:

“It is a real shame to see that administrative tasks are overwhelming small businesses to the point that they are unable to focus on growing their businesses. It is quite commonplace for business owners to be reluctant to hand over the reins in their absence, but running a small business should be an exciting adventure, not a barrier to leading a normal life.

“Most businesses are born from a spark and a real passion for something. Unfortunately, the reality is that this enthusiasm becomes diluted by the drudgery of time-consuming administrative activities.”

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